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  • SRD Reference: Trouble
  • Rules Reference: pg 34 (Fate Core Systems Book)


What specifically complicates your character’s existence in general or your High Concept specifically. It is a sort of a combination of a flaw system and FFG’s Star War’s Obligations. It should be a long term issue that is difficult to solve and can rear its head in fun ways. It should a visceral part of what defines your character and how they see and interact with the world.

As an aspect, albeit a negative one, it can be compelled for more Fate Points, to complicate the narrative, and increase the drama and fun. Write this down on your Character Creation Worksheet.

Hint: Aspects that are Personal Struggles or Flaws are easier to compel and may come up more, and are a perfect candidate for your Trouble (the second aspect chosen to help define your character right after your High Concept). Also, check out the two appendices on Aspects for more information on aspects.

Personal Struggles Problematic Relationships or Organizations

(flaw, weakness, or predilection)

  • Anger Management Issues
  • Sucker for a Pretty Face
  • The Bottle Calls to Me
  • The Manners of a Goat
  • Tempted by Shiny Things
  • Racist from a Slaver Family

(somewhat like FFG’s Star Wars’ EotE obligations)

  • Family Man
  • Debt to the Mob
  • The Scar Triad
  • Wants Me Dead
  • Don Giovanni Personally Hates Me
  • Rivals in the Collegia Arcana

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With still no sign of George and no response from him yet, the group decided to move on. Dan’s face was scrunched up as he looked at his watch, annoyed that the pizzas he ordered had not arrived yet. Tess guided everyone forward to the Trouble aspect: she read a description of what it was, and then recommended that it should be a personality flaw of some sort. They talked a little bit among themselves and then wrote down their Troubles. It seemed they all had a good idea what they were planning on doing for their Trouble. Here are the troubles they selected:

DanDown Dirty Dark Runner Life
SarahVulnerability is Pain
JeffElven Superiority

Tess was quite satisfied with these Troubles. She could already think of quite a few ways to invoke these aspects to spice up a scene and to give a Fate point to her players, so that they can continue show their awesomeness!

Dan chose ‘Down and Dirty Dark Runner Life‘ to show that the life of a Dark Runner is a dirty and rough and tumble affair that has them living in a world of their own. Sarah chose ‘Vulnerability is Pain‘ to show that she is aloof and distant and keeps herself hidden, in more ways than one, even from the people closest to her. Jeff, well… Elves Rule!! So, he went with ‘Elven Superiority‘ to ensure that everyone his character would encounter would not forget how low they are and how awesome elves are.

While they were talking about his Trouble, Dan mentioned “I kinda see the Dark Runners as sort of a subculture of their own: their own lingo, their own comraderie full of their dirty life running through the deep and dark tunnels to protect the dwarven citadels from threats outside their main caves. Like an Underdark Special Forces that spent their lives behind enemy lines and may report back to their post every few months or a few times a year.

Without magic your dwarf is doomed to die alone. You should take a magic using ranger, perhaps an earth elementalist! That would fit perfectly!” Jeff suggested. Dan just firmly shook his head no. Jeff shrugged his shoulders. “Ok, its your rat gnawed bones we will find in a cave someday.

Tess‘ brow furled in concern as she reached down and massaged her calf for a few moments. “Tess, can I grab a banana or two? Calf is cramping.“.

Help yer self.” After a few moments, Tess returned with 2 banans and a glass of water and sat back down.