Free Xenon’s Guides for the Fate RPG1 min read

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If you have no idea what this about then see this post: FATE CORE (RPG) and prepare to have your mind blown!! =)

Below are my guides to the Fate RPG where I try to take their amazing rules set and to write them them in my own voice and for my own understanding, and to organize and explain them in a more open and verbose way. I also have created a bunch of graphics to help make some of the rules and concepts make more sense too.

If you have any questions or if you see any mistakes then please let me know.

The Guides

  1. Campaign Creation Primer (CCP)
  2. Character Generation Primer (CGP)
  3. Functional Mechanics and GameFlow (FM&GF)
  4. Running The Game (RtG) [coming eventually]
  5. Storytelling and Campaign Planning Guide (S&CPG) (a work in progress)
  6. Appendix