2 – Scenes1 min read

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Scenes are the basic unit of storytelling where all of the action happens. In any scene to which the players will need to make rolls there will be a few mechanical things for your to be aware of. Each scene will typically have:

  • 2-3 Scene Aspects for you to invoke with your Fate Points
  • Zones which facilitate movement (and may have aspects themselves)
  • Opposition (active and/or passive)
  • NPC’s, monsters,  traps, or other entities with which to interact with

Getting Stuff Done

How you get stuff done is in a scene is through one of two ways:

  • Narratively – you or the GM just say what happens
  • Mechanically – through Actions or a combination of Actions
    • Single Action Checks via:
      • the 4 Base Actions
        • Overcome
        • Create Advantage
        • Attack
        • Defend
      • Other Actions
        • Full Defense
        • Teamwork
    • Combinations of Actions
      • Challenges – passive opposition
      • Contests – active opposition with mutually exclusive goals and not trying to harm each other (victory points)
      • Conflicts – active opposition physical or mental harm (last man standing)