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  • SRD Reference: Name
  • Rules Reference: pg 37 (Fate Core Systems Book)

Naming Your Character

Genre Appropriate Name: 

Please, don’t be that guy who names all of their characters ‘Bob‘ no matter what the genre. Take a few extra moments to make your name genre appropriate, otherwise it can affect everyone’s suspension of disbelief, which can make it hard to enjoy the game and to immerse oneself in the game.

Record Name: 

Create a name for your character and then write this down on your Character Creation Worksheet.


If you have a hard time coming up with a genre-appropriate name then you can find some wonderful resources on the interwebs (see link below). Check out the list of random generators for generators for just about every genre or style of game including: Star Wars, Mass Effect, Hindi names, Algerian names, Super Villain names, sylph names, and so much more.

Fatesville Gaming Group

Dan‘s phone rang and its screen showed it was George calling. Dan informed the group that George should be there shortly and was conveniently caught behind a pizza delivery guy. Dan smiled. His stomach growled… again, but the news of impending nourishment stayed his hangry face and seemed to perk him up a little.

A few minutes later, George arrived with a stack of pizzas in his hands and his ragged blue folder sitting on top of the pile. “Sorry, I am late everyone. I had a… a thing. The pizza’s are on me!“. The group let out a hearty “Huzzah!!” at their good fortune.

Dan smiled and then mumbled to the group “I knew we kept him around for a reason.“. Tess, Jeff and Sarah chuckled. Yes, George’s abscences and distratedness could be annoying, but he always had money for food. A person with a full belly found it difficult to be angry or annoyed at the food bearer.

George handed the pizzas to Dan, who set them on the kitchen counter, opened them, ripped open the plastic wrapping around the paper plates, and took two. He then plopped nearly half a pizza overflowing on 1 plate and 2 pieces on another plate, and then sat down, and handed the other plate to Tess.

Feeding the GM was always a good idea. It kept them from getting hangry – and you might even gain a bonus for your forethought. He always appreciated that when someone did that for him over his many years of GM’ing for this group. Not killing your players builds a person’s appetite.

Shortly thereafter, everyone was tearing into their pizza. While everyone else was concentrating on eating, Tess was able to work with George to attempt to get him caught up. Right out of the gate, the group was in a furor over his choice of race in his High Concept. George started with a mindflayer, then an ogre, but Tess and Dan finally talked him down to a more reasonable Rabbitfolk (anthropomorphic rabbit-person of the non-vorpal variety) knight.

As the group was finishing eating, George picked his Trouble a little too easily, and then Tess had everyone choose and write down a name for their character. Sarah and Jeff already had their names. Dan worked with the two of them to chose a name for his character while George fiddled around with an online character generator until he found something suitably off-beat for his rabbitfolk knight.

DanTrangath Darkhammer
Dwarven Dark Runner of the High Citadel
Down Dirty Dark Runner Life
SarahTyla Tiasanna (d’Larion)
Human Courtier of the Larion Vale Barony
Vulnerability is Pain
JeffLysteria of the Bleak Wood
Wild Elven Bleak Warden
Elven Superiority
GeorgeDinbi the White
Rabbitfolk Silver Knight
“How you doing?” – Promiscuous Without a Cause

The easy part was done. Now, on to the real work.