Waterdeep - Dragon Heist

Intersectional Character History for Valeriana Estelmer and Dathana Kell (Narrative)

This is the will be the text of the Intersectional Character History for my character, Durden Multae (changeling monk), and Kyle’s character, Valeriana Estelmer (human wizard) for the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign we will be starting this Sunday (23 Sep 2018). 

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Flash Fiction – “Callie, Morning Drama” (~ 1,030 words, modern)

Note: This is sort of a prequel to my first flash fiction attempt titled Flash Fiction – “Callie” (~ 700 words, modern). Melanie stood there with her hands thrust angrily upon her hips as she looked up the dark wooden staircase and then yelled “Callie, hurry up or you will be late for school. Conner’s principal […]

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once upon a time...

Looking for a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing

Ever since working on reworking a friend’s character history for Dungeons and Dragons in 2011 I have been working on learning how to write with what little time I have had available. In the last year, I have been looking into going back to school for a Creative Writing degree. Specifically, I have been looking for places […]

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Storium Arc Logo

I am a guest on Episode 8 of the Storium Arc Podcast!!

I am a member of the Storium Arc podcast team for the Storium game (@FreeXenon), although I only help a little in the background mostly, generic but I had the wonderful chance to be a guest on the show last week as we were recording Episode 8, in which we discuss character creation. I am in […]

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Flash Fiction – “Kin Slayer’s First Breath” (~ 680 words, fantasy)

As the king’s honor guard roughly dragged Tradion out of his lightless dungeon cell by his heavy black iron chains, his left cheek bled profusely and he limped from the horrendous beating the guards had just delivered him for having the temerity to ask for water. They were once his friends and comrades-at-arms, as was […]

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Flash Fiction: “Callie” (~ 700 words, modern)

Trigger Warnings: rape, murder, women, children, serial killer, prison, capital punishment They sat there in the sterile white visitation room, a thick ceiling-to-floor glass wall separated them as a large red digital timer on the wall counted down from fifteen minutes, second-by-second. The fluorescent ceiling light cast a sickly white light over both of them […]

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“Choose to Bless the World” by Rebecca Parker of Starr King UU Seminary

This is a wonderful poem that I heard read at our congregation at the Free Congregation of Sauk County, and it touched me enough to post it. It is written by Rebecca Parker, a Methodist/Unitarian Universalist minister, who attended famous UU seminary the Starr King Seminary. Choose to Bless the World by Rebecca Parker Your […]

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Coruscant Skyline

Angel of Death (Narrative for Kulae Ordo, Star Wars)

Introduction This was written as a post-session narrative for a Star Wars: Edge of Empire game. This was the first time in gaming that an in-game event really affected me and would have deeply affected my character too. Our rag-tag group of fringers, which had been basically annoying the Empire off and on between shipping jobs, […]

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NaNoWriMo 2013 Participant

Attempting to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

OK everyone…. I am going to attempt to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) which is all through the month of the November (Nov 1 -30). The challenge is to write a 50k word novel in one month. I think 50k words is technically classified as a novella, visit this site but whose counting […]

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