6 – Extras (optional)2 min read

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  • SRD Reference: Extras
  • Rules Reference: pg 269 (Fate Core Systems Book)

About Extras

Before you move on to finally filling out your campaign name, let’s take a quick look at and ‘extras’ you may want to include in your campaign:

  • special skills
  • magic systems
  • super powers
  • cybernetics
  • squad rules
  • PC’s as governments

There is even a whole book written called the Fate System Toolkit that has various extra systems for you to peruse and pick and change-up as needed to fit your game. 

You will want to spend some time now to talk about these options, if any, that you may want to include in your campaign. Record these on your sheet now. 

Fatesville Gaming Group

Tess did not have the Fate System Toolkit on her so she brought up the book on her tablet, and then recommended 2 Extras she remembered from there. She thought Conditions would be a great way to model the hardships of living in the draconic tyranny. This could replace the Consequences track. For the magic system she suggested the Stormcallers. She passed the tablet around so people could take a look.

  • Conditions (pg 18 Fate System Toolkit)
  • Storm Callers (pg 82 Fate System Toolkit)

On a glance, Dan liked the idea of the Condition track as a way of reinforcing harsh times in the Vale. Sarah found that magic system quite flavorful, however, she was thinking of something a little different for what she was thinking for her character. Now, she was thinking that once she had all of the books, she should be able to find the sort of magic system she was looking for in the Fate System Toolkit after she has had a chance to look it over.