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I have been wanting to start attempting to make music for a while, especially to create music for our yoga studio. I finally gave it a twirl while I was creating a romantic video for my wife as a Christmas present. A part of that process was creating this as background music for the video, although this was not the vibe or type of music that was really needed for that sort of video.

Keep in mind I have zero idea what I am doing… zero!
Anyhow, below is my first attempt.

I. Return from the Ocean

A. Track Overview

This was created with FL Studio and made from the sweet sounds from The ocean sounds (from Cancun, Mexico) are pulled pulled from here – Sleep Ocean Soundscape in Cancun, Mexico – Relaxing Early Morning Sea Sounds,

Here is a a Twitter quote about this track:

Ambient techno with cavitation and a little triphop. It’s not bad at all. I’ve heard much much worse in 18 years of reviewing music.

Eric Saeger

I don’t understand most of what he said, but I will take it!! 😊 ❤

B. The Track (4 min 18 sec)

Return from the Ocean by Free Xenon

II. New Track in the Works – Funk’s Nightmare

I am working on a new track, but it will be a while before I get a chance to finish it because tax season has hit. Here is a sample of the first approximately 1 minute, which is all I currently have done. About when this is ending I am expecting to add a hip-hop drum fill of sorts and then have it explode with more intense music.

Funk’s Nightmare – the first ~1 minute
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