"But the third parties split..." "Blame the system and not the people" “But the third parties split…” “Blame the system and not the people”

If you are angry with a “Third Party Split” then you have no idea what is going on.3 min read

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"But the third parties split..." "Blame the system and not the people"
“But the third parties split…”
“Blame the system and not the people”

With America’s 2018 mid-term electoral cycle (and all of its other electoral cycles) where the US’s few major 3rd parties (Green Party and Libertarian) consistently’ish on the ballots and affecting the electoral result, some of you are blaming these 3rd parties for the duopoly party’s loss. If you are doing this then you have no idea what is going and you are pissed at the wrong thing. You need to get your self woke! I am not even kidding here. Your ignorance is hurting us all.

You are pissed at a symptom (a fever) instead of being pissed at the problem (virus which caused the fever). Doing so is as ridiculous and useless as being mad at a knife wound you are bandaging while the murderer is still stabbing you every 2 years. Perhaps it would behoove you to stop the murder (heinously broken electoral system) and console the victims instead of victim blaming (the American People and their few parties).

Fixing the system is the only way this is going to get better. This is the only thing that makes sense, although you have to be able to see the forest for the trees, to be able to understand the bigger picture if there is going to be any change. If you cannot identify the root cause then you cannot solve the problem.

First, you will need to accept that we in America, in no way, have anything resembling a democracy. The politicians, media, and entertainment industry keeps us believing that we do. It is an world-wide embarrassment for any American to state the the US is a democracy. Then you can my articles talking about the real problems that create this situation and the real solutions to it:

If you would like to see what my polices would be like if I ran for office where I would target these issues, then read my policy site:

Are you ready to really enlighten yourself even more, to really, really, really understand the most powerful issue facing humanity and how to fix it, I have a post for your to read. I am warning you, that you may not be prepared for what I am about to tell you. Prepare to have your illusions shattered: Read my post The Cancer of Capitalism.

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