8 – Crunchy Stuff2 min read

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The Crunchy Stuff

The crunchy stuff here is not what this guide is about playing with. That is a guide for another time. There is a whole book on the topic of adjusting these settings - The Fate System Toolkit. Check it out. There are a lot of neat options in there.

On this form your will determine the skills appropriate for your campaign as well as a bunch of other dials to play with. Adjusting each of these has ramifications that are beyond the scope of this work (see Fate System Toolkit) for more information on this process.

The Dials

Below are Fate’s dials and their default settings for your reference:

Number of aspects5
Number of phases3
Skill cap Great (+4)
Skill pyramid or columns Pyramidpyramid
Number of columns
Refresh rate3
Number of initial stunts3
Types of stress tracksphysical, mental
Default number of stress boxes2
Default consequence slots2/4/6

Skills List

Here is a default skill list for you to start with:


Fatesville Gaming Group

With the night getting late and not wanting to belabor the process, nor wanting to mess with the crunchy stuff which they do not completely understand yet, they left the Dials and Skills at default. Once they get a better feel for the game and have the Fate System Toolkit then they can better understand how to effectively mess with the game’s mechanics.

Tess, Dan, and Jeff all packed up their stuff and said goodbye until their next meeting in two weeks where they will tackle character creation. Until then, Tess had a lot of work ahead of her. Luckily she has the Storytelling and Campaign Planning guide to help her through it.