7 – Campaign Name2 min read

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Naming your Campaign

Now that you have all of the hard work done you may want to review all of your work and consider a name for your campaign which will be a crowning achievement to your campaign creation process. You will want to strongly consider your Campaign Issues and Thematic Campaign Aspects as guideposts to drive you forward as well as everything else you have worked on. If you are feeling a little creative you can also come up with a subtitle too.

  • Dragon Fall: Rise of the Pinkies
  • Sigmar: Scars of Thyrind
  • War of the Tentacles: Black Sea Escapades
  • Tyrants Rage: Felling the Giants

This is also something that can change as your arcs change. For one major arc the part after the quote may refer to the current arc and change when each new arc is started.

Perhaps, the heroes defeat the blue dragon terrorizing the vale and have to deal with the Convocation, so the campaign title could change from: Dragon Fall: Rise of the Pinkies to something like Dragon Fall: Dragons Rising or something like that.

Fatesville Gaming Group

With what they have come up with for a campaign, it seems that dragons are a primary and everpresent issue, so they thought the word ‘dragon’ definitely needed to be in the title. At least the first arc or two was going to be about defeating dragons, so collectively they came up with ‘Dragon Fall‘ for a main title. Then for the subtitle, a rather cheeky ‘Rise of the Pinkies‘ to refer to a draconic pejorative word for the non-draconic humanoids who were plotting their downfall.

Dan was a heavy moderating influence while Jeff‘s suggestions had veered off into hyperbolic epic crazy town (Vengeance of the Mega Dragon Desctructocon Prime of Doooooom!!). Typically this was George’s job, but he was not here, so the rest of the group thought that Jeff was just trying to pick up the sidewindering slack. Sarah spoke up in favor of the Dragon Fall suggestion, which silenced most of Jeff’s opposition. When Sarah chose to speak up the group tried to listen, because sometimes she was sooo quiet that they forget that she is even there.