5 – Transfer Info to Character Sheet1 min read

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When you are done with the Phase Trio, copy all of the appropriate information from your Character Creation Worksheet (official) over to your
Character Sheet (official). You may now put away your Worksheet if you like or you may use the bottom portion of that sheet to guide you forward. The rest of this primer has that information too.

Fatesville Gaming Group

Bathroom breaks were taken. Sarah did a little cleanup of the pizza boxes and plates as George regaled Dan with an exciting tale about gum he found on his shoe yesterday that formed the face of a Kardashian. Sarah passed by their conversation to get back to her seat just in time to see Dan’s eyes scream ‘Save me!’. Sarah just smirked.

After the group had a little time recover from Phase Trio, Tess brought everyone back to the table. They turned off the Twitch stream of Time Guardians IV and she had them pull up their Character Creation Sheets and their Character Sheets.

Ok, everyone, now just transfer the pertinent information from your Character Creation Sheets to your Character Sheets and give them to me, then, once that is done, we can move on. Picking your skills is next.“.

Once everyone was busy writing Tess asked Sarah “Do you have nuts of some sort to eat? Almonds or cashews or something?

There is a container next to the fruits. Help yourself.

My calves are freaking from my more aggressive morning runs. I think I may need some more protein. Thanks!!