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I don’t typically write about my work and involvement in micronational circles. Over 15 years ago, when I first started in micronationalism, I spent several years in the Republic of Talossa even taking on several positions such as Secretary of State, Minister of Finance, or a member of the Chamber of Deputies. I have only mentioned this in passing in an article or two here.

However, since then I have grown significantly, and have learned an incredible amount about politics, religion, poverty, economics , and human rights, etc. There is so much wrong with this world and I have spent over a 15 years trying to figure out why.

Then, in Nov 2017, I came upon Asgardia, which simultaneously excited me and angered me. Their grandiose ideals drew me in and inspired me, but parts of the Asgardian Constitution angered me greatly, for it provided the necessary obvious stepping stones to tyranny and autocracy. I joined with excited tentativeness, hoping that I could effectuate real change to help push Asgardia to potential greatness. I have even run for office and have been elected as a Member of Parliament (2018) to help make sure that it does. I know I have a my work cut out for me.

Here, for the benefit of anyone else who may be interested in Asgardia, are my collective writings, and other writings of interest about Asgardia and similar political topics.

I also have a few other Asgardian writings in the fires including a complete constitutional rewrite which is at 50 pages currently. I have the first ~35 pages about done (my commentary on the process), which is right before the text on the government. With that being next, progress has really slowed down.

I will update this page as I add more content.

I. Personal Social Links

These are just my personal social links. A link to my Asgardian profile is here too. 

  1. Blog:   My Personal Blog
  2. Social: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Good Reads, YouTube
  3. Asgardia: My profile

II. My Writings

B. My Asgardian Writings (2017-2018) (185 pgs)

Here is the collection of all of my publicly available writings about and for Asgardia.

C. My Writings (Other Political) (136+ pgs)

These writings are mostly about the political realities in the US, although the Resourced Based Economy works transcend national specificity. 

III. Resource Based Economy

These links here list an incredible amount of resources to learn about Resource Based Economies and their primary proponents: The Venus Project and The Zeitgiest Movement. My post from the above section the Cancer of Capitalism talks about this topic and gives a research path for this topic.

A. General

B. The Zeitgeist Movement

C. The Venus Project

III. Others

A. Related Political Links

Here are some links to related political topics.

B. Articles About Asgardia