1 – Beginning of Session1 min read

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Feeding and Care of Your GM


Feed and flatter the GM. Bring your GM humble offerings to appease their hanger and to ingratiate them to you, so that your sorry excuse for a character can live through one more adventure!! Bowing before them and mewling out “We are not worthy!!” over and over again until they kick you to the side is always appreciated!

Gather Your Gaming Supplies

  • Character sheets
  • Something to use for Fate Points (Fate Coins, pennies, poker chips, etc)
  • Fate Dice (there is also an app for this, the Fate Coins, Deck of Fate too)
  • Index Cards or dry/wet erase cards
  • Fate Books, Fate SRD, or PDF’s of the books available for reference
  • Turn off TV’s or any other distractions


  • Refresh of Fate Points (pg 80, Fate Core Book)
  • Ensure character stress tracks and consequences are up to date for the new session
  • Ensure character aspects are up to date in case there were changes from previous session and milestone
  • Milestones for Characters
  • Milestones – World Advancement
  • Beginning game rituals


  • Recap previous session and anything else important like the the arc’s current goal and the party’s current objective
  • Review any milestone changes for the campaign and the PC’s