Drake gesturing away: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari Drake smiling an pointing to: The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber (anthropologist) and David Wengrow (archaeologist)

The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber (anthropologist) and David Wengrow (archaeologist)

Introduction Since there are memes being passed around Facebook about the book “The Dawn of Everything” vs “Sapiens”, here are my comments from my read of this book a few years ago. I have not read Sapiens yet, so I will not comment on that, although it seems I need to sooner than later. I. […]

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Entropy and Scarcity within Human Social Systems v2.0 This is a work in progress. What I posit here is descriptive and NOT prescriptive. This flow chart, which flows left to right is broken down into 3 main parts which are as follows: Physics (4 parts which make 4 steps), Evolutionary Psychology (2 parts which make 1 step), and Historical Sociocultural Weight and Entropic Bias (2 parts which make 1 step) with arrows pointing to each step. Physics (left most section with 4 steps) The foundational reading for this section can be found within my post "The Tao of Entropy and Syntropy within Human Social Systems". Another post relevant to this topic is "The Tension within Methods of Exchange". 1. Systems Theory and the Interdependence of All From the First Law of Thermodynamics, A.K.A. The Law of Conservation of Energy, we learn that all things within the universe are one Interdependent and interconnected system, therefore the lens through which we should look and think about all things is Systems Theory. 2. Inviolable Law of Breakdown, Separation, and Change From the Second Law of Thermodynamics, AKA Entropy, when combined with the First Law of Thermodynamics from above, we learn that Entropy is only ever increasing, that break down, separation, and change are inviolable laws. 3. Systemic Bias Towards Entropy Because all things are Interdependent and Entropy is always increasing, this continuously pushes all things towards diffusion, separation, and breakdown, which means that reality has an Entropic bias. Entropy is the path of least resistance, therefore it is always easier to destroy than it is to create. 4. Scarcity (Entropy) Because Entropy will only ever increase over time, Scarcity, as a form of Entropy, will only ever increase over time. 5. Evolutionary Psychology (center section with 1 step and 2 options) Scarcity Triggers Male Predisposition for Competition, Tribalism, Sociopathy, and Violence Within environmental Scarcity males tend to be more dominant because they are physically larger and stronger and because these conditions trigger their evolutionary psychological predisposition towards competition (from competing for mates) which is an Entropic action. This then opens up the door for them to engage in more Entropic and separative actions such as: tribalism, violence, exploitation, and patriarchy. Males tend to be less dominant within environmental abundance. Abundance Triggers Female Predisposition for Egalitarianism, Cooperation, and Sharing Within environmental Abundance females tend to be more dominant because they are the life-givers (Syntropy) and because these conditions trigger their evolutionary psychological predisposition for cooperation and sharing. Tendencies towards Syntropic systems and results. Females are less dominant within environmental scarcity. 6. Historical Sociocultural Weight and Entropic Bias (right section with 1 step and 2 options) Scarcity to Abundance If a culture has been competitive and tribal (Entropic) for a long time due to resource scarcity, and then resource abundance manifests (Syntropy), it will take a long time for abundance to potentially wear down the current Entropic societal organization. Although, that might also never happen because of reality’s bias towards Entropic systems, ideals, and results. If the shift eventually does happen, then it will most likely only happen with extreme violence and devastation (Entropic movement) or, less likely, through a massive organized and peaceful social movement (Syntropic movement). Abundance to Scarcity If a culture has been cooperative and egalitarian for a long time (Syntropic) due to resource abundance, and then resources scarcity manifests (Entropy), it will take a while for scarcity to tear down that current Syntropic societal organization, but eventually it will (sooner than later) because of reality’s bias towards Entropic systems, ideals, and results. It is not a matter of IF it happens, but when it happens. Copyright © 2023 James O’Neill, www.freexenon.com/?p=13656

Entropy, Scarcity, and Patriarchy within Human Social Systems: the Rough Cut

Introduction I have shared text like this a few times over the past year and have had to retype it a few times after not being able to find where I last wrote it which is beginning to annoy me. So, now I am adding it as a blog post so I do not have […]

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The Tao of Entropy (expanding) and Syntropy (contracting)

The Tao of Entropy and Syntropy within Human Social Systems

In this post we will discuss the Conservation of Energy as well as looking at Entropy and Syntropy and how they apply to human social systems and human civilization in our effort to maintain our societies, economies, and the environment. This is really getting into interdisciplinary thinking, specifically the intersection of the laws of physics as they apply to human social systems.

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Thumbnail for: Free Xenon was Interviewed by Cooperation Paradigm on Tue, 3 Jan 2023. The interview is titled "On Politics, Religion, Sexuality, Resource Based Economies, and More with James O'Neill". The left side shows Free Xenon and the right side shows Cooperation Paradigm.

Free Xenon’s Interview by Cooperative Paradigm (Tue, 3 Jan 2023)

Introduction I was very fortunate to have been interviewed by Cooperative Paradigm on Tue, 3 Jan 2023. You can find more about Cooperative Paradigm here: A transcript will be coming eventually. If anyone wants to do it for me. I am more than happy to post it. I will also post an edited version of […]

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Circular Ocean Community (The Venus Project)

Quick Resource Based Economy Q&A from Facebook (Feb 2022)

Introduction Here is another quick post answering questions from someone on Facebook who is asking the age old questions about a Resource Based Economy (RBE) that are typically being asked of those who are just beginning their journey into RBE, and need to know just how the hell this thing is going to work. These […]

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Me. Me. Me again in 37 minutes. Beating the dead horse of 'Capitalism is bad'.

Capitalism Q&A from Discord (June 2021)

Introduction This is the second Capitalism Q&A from Discord post I have written to answer a great set of questions and comments posted to my Discord server from one of my long time followers on my Twitch live stream where I talk leftist politics a few times a week. I was originally going to post my comments to Discord, […]

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Polyamory Symbol (infinity symbol over heart)

Polyamory is Like Capitalism by Caitlin Johnstone?

Introduction This post is a response to a tweet by Caitlin Johnstone whom I follow on Twitter (and Facebook) because she has some amazing leftist political takes. I would have posted this all to Twitter, but it was not allowing me to post a threaded response (and this was already getting long enough). I am […]

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TVP Closeup of Domes

My Comments on the PDBR Boston Article on The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement

In response me posting article on The Venus Project John Spritzler posted a link to a PDBR Boston article as a response – The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement (PDBR Boston). However, my response was that I had serious issues with what the PDBR article said, although I did not have time to post my thoughts. So, I will post my thoughts on that article here.

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