9 – Note the Campaign Extras You are Using3 min read

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Write down the campaign extras you are using (if any) such as:

  • psychic powers
  • cybernetics
  • mutations
  • magic systems

… and what book and page they are on for your reference.

The Fate System Toolkit has many sample rules for you to work with and to prime your creative pump to find the right combination for you.

Fatesville Gaming Group

Throughout this process 4 Extras from the Fate System Toolkit have been accepted. Tess recommended the Conditions and the Storm Caller Extras during the Extras step of the Campaign Creation proces. During the Phase Trio Sarah and Jeff brought up 2 more: Sarah -> 6 Viziers for her character’s magic system; and Tess worked with George to use the basic Gadget rules for his Silver Knight’s Sword. All of these are found in the Fate System Toolkit:

Extrapage, bookdescription
Conditionspg 18, Fate System Toolkitan alternate consequences track
Storm Callerpg 82, Fate System Toolkita magic system inspired by Dresden Files
6 Viziers – Shadowpg 90, Fate System Toolkita special magic system which uses abilities and not spells
Gadgetspg 154, Fate System Toolkitrules which talk about items with special abilities

These extras were already written down from the earlier character creation steps in which they were accepted with the exception of the Conditions.

Tess took a few moments to breathe and collect her thoughts. “OK, now, the last step should be really easy. List the extras you are using for your character in the box along with the book and page number so we have them close at hand.

Tess had the Stormcaller info from the Campaign Primer Worksheet so she gave that info to Jeff. She had also already written down George’s Extra info since she expected an early departure from him. Sarah already had her information written down, so they were already to go.

Dan was typing furiously on his phone while they were getting all of that figured out. He stopped, his head snapped up, and then said “Ok, it looks like we are done here. I gotta go. The girlfriend summons me.” He stood up and started to gather his stuff. With that being said, Jeff also stood up and started to get ready, and then so did Tess, since Jeff was her ride.

Quickly Dan bolted out the door waving to everyone as he went. Jeff was on the way to he door when Tess stopped in front of Sarah who was at the sink starting to finish the clean-up process.

Sooo, we will be down 1 Jeff for the raid in Monday… I would really love it if you would join us in the raid. If you were there, we could definitely totally pwn that Guradian. I know how much you love seeing Dark Mongers ‘splode.” She smiled widely and then started walking towards the door. She could just feel Sarah rolling her eyes. “Good night!