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My Journey into the Halestorm

I love Halestorm!! I found out about them last summer from a 7 year old friend of my daughter’s. When I am watching the girls I play my real music, my music, rock music! She said “You gotta listen to Halestorm. You will love them.” I thought “What the hell, does a 7 year old know about music?!? I mean, she’s 7!.” She was singing a refrain from ‘I am the Fire‘, which sounded interesting, so I decided to give them a listen just to see how much that 7 year old doesn’t know about music!

I listened to almost every single song they had on Youtube!

My mind was blown! Halestorm Rocked My World!

I bought all of Halestorm’s albums through Amazon and then I listened to nothing but Halestorm for 3 months straight! It was awesome! Following that 3 month stretch I added them into my normal music rotation.

About Halestorm

Who is Halestorm?

Halestorm is a hard rock band (with some explicit lyrics) from Red Lion, Pennsylvaia which started as a brother and sister group with Lizzy and her brother Arejay in 1999 and then progressed to a full band later on with their first full album, Halestorm, released in 2009.

Their music spans from hard rock to slower ballads like Here’s to Us:

Halestorm Links

Base Discography

They effectively have 4 full albums out: 3 full albums and then 3 partial albums of cover songs (ReAniMate series). With With their fifth full album, Vicious, officially being unleashed upon the world on Friday, 2018 Jul 27. I have had preordered for a while now, =)

  1. Halestorm (2009)
  2. ReAniMate: The Covers EP (2011)
  3. The Strange Case of… (2012)
  4. ReAniMate. 2.0: The Covers EP (2013)
  5. Into the Wild Life (2015)
  6. ReAniMate 3.0: The Covers EP (2017)
  7. Vicious (2018)
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