I Side With test results 2019 - Party Affiliation I Side With test results 2019 – Party Affiliation

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Pursuant to a Facebook thread which was showing someone’s I Side With test I decided to take that and the Political Compass test and see where I stand during this electoral cycle. It seems about every 6-7 years take these tests to see how things have changed. I took the test in:

I Side With Test

No Third Parties By Default!

One thing that annoyed me about this was that the candidates from all of the parties were NOT activated. You have to go to filters at the top and then add the other candidates you would like to compare.

Holy suppression of third party voices, Batman!! How can a voter cast an honest and educated vote if all options are not on the table and before their eyes. I was expecting better of I Side With. I guess they are participating in the Systemic Suppression of 3rd Party Voices too. =( Not cool! At least those options are there, if just hidden from our sight.

Candidate Results

This time I was a little surprised at the results of the I Side With test. I expected my Jill Stein Score to be like 10% higher and did not expect Tulsi to be higher than Bernie, even if it is only 1%.

I Side With test results 2019 - Candidate Results
I Side With test results 2019 – Candidate Results

Party Results

Now, the party affiliation scores look better, although, again I was thinking the my Green Party score would be higher too. Previously Democrats were 9 % higher. Now Green is 7% higher.

I Side With test results 2019 -  Party Affiliation
I Side With test results 2019 – Party Affiliation

Political Compass

Now, the Political Compass test, which is a far smaller test did not really change from when I last took this in 2016.

Political Compass (-8.38/-6.41)
Political Compass (-8.38/-6.41)


Currently, I am only seriously considering the following candidates for president:

  • Bernie Sanders
  • Tulsi Gabbard
  • Jill Stein

We shall see who the Green Party’s candidate will be. Who is the Pete dude? I will have to look him up.

My views have changed and matured a bit over the last few years as I have spent the time to create my own policy page: Policies to Transform the Worldand am seriously thinking about running for office.

If you are planning on note voting or you know someone who is in this camp then please read my post: Why you need to vote in.. every… single election!!!

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