8 – End of Session1 min read

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Many Thanks to Your GM


Offer many platitudes and thanks to you GM for all of the work they have done to prep for this game, to run the game, and for putting up with your pathetic excuse for die rolling. =)

Character Maintenance

The GM can let you know what sort of Milestone you have reached and then you can take a look at the Milestones for Characters and work on updating your characters. Some of the things you will want to see if they need updating are:

  • Stress and Consequences
  • Aspects
  • Skills

Check: Milestones for Characters

Care and Feeding of Your Host

Please, take the time to help your wonderful host clean-up the mess you all made and then take the time to thank them too. Gratitude and keeping the space clean is a great way to be able to continue to play there. =)