Functional Mechanics and Gameflow1 min read

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Version: 1.0

This guide will go over the basic rules that are needed by the players (and, by virtue, the GM as well). This is the real follow-up to the Campaign Creation Primer and the Character Creation Primer. Rules that are covered there will not be covered in here so prevent repetition. I will try to bring together rules which are spread around the core book to provide some clarity and perspective as much as I can. 

The Fatesville Gaming Group

Throughout this process we will be following the Fatesville Gaming Group (FGG), which is composed of:

Dantheir dedicated and hungry GM
Tessdedicated and knowledgeable player
Sarahcerebral player who likes the rules too much
Georgea casual player who is easily distracted
Jeffhyper-competitive tactical player

At the end of each section we will include a short narrative to show how the group is dealing with each rule.


Table of Contents