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Want to know how to follow me or support me?
Well you are in luck, because this is the page for that!

I. About Me

I am a long time geek, as well as an introvert, father, and a Navy veteran from the Iraq War. I am a child of the 80’s and prefer science fiction and fantasy for entertainment. I am also quite politically active, identifying as a eco-humanist.

I am also referred to as The Hooded One so be prepared for that. =)

You can check out my blog’s very large About Me section to learn more about me than you ever wanted to know. =)

II. Follow Me!

A. Personal Accounts

If you want to follow me in any of the sordid places on the interwebs that I lurk in then you can find me here:

B. Policy Site

Here are the links to my macro policy site and its social media outlets:

C. School Board

Here are the links to my running for office (school board) campaign site and its social media outlets:

III. Livestreaming

A. What Sort of Content do I Stream?

Me: A better place is possible. We are so fucked!!
Me: A better place is possible. We are so fucked!!

I cover leftist politics, although currently, I tend to cover the 3 C’s: Capitalism, Coronavirus and Climate Change, with a smattering of future tech and green tech. I am quite doomer especially when it comes to climate change, so be prepared for that, but I also promote solutions through my policies, etc.

B. Where do I Stream?

Currently, I am using in order to simultaneously stream to the following 4 services:

  • Twitch (this is the easiest place to comment and participate and where most of my following is)
  • Facebook (does not show comments to the live stream)
  • YouTube (comments do come across to the live stream)
  • Twitter (no clue yet)

… so you can watch my live stream in any of these places.

If you want to comment and participate you will get a Twitch account and chat with me that way.
I have to figure out the other services.

C. My Streaming Schedule

Join me once a week for progressive political talk:

  • Saturdays for about 3 hours between 2:00pm – 5:00pm US CST.

D. Channel Rules

  1. My channel is LGGBDTTTIQQAPP+ friendly and will NOT tolerate racism, sexism, etc or other such bigotries.
  2. Most people will disagree with me on many things, but we can disagree and be civil.
  3. Rage spamming will NOT be tolerated.
  4. I have no problem using my ban hammer.

E. Stream’s Background Music by…

Royalty Free Music by Stream Beast on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, plus more...
Royalty Free Music by Stream Beast on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, plus more…

For background music I am using the amazying royalty free Lo-Fi and Rock albums from Stream Beats by Harris Heller.

IV. Support Me

A. Support me Directly

Thanks for your support! <3

B. Buy the Merch

I am limited to the number of items I can have in my Stream Elements Merch Store. These are the items that are available:

  • Hoodie
  • Kiss Cut Sticker
  • T-shirt
  • Mug
  • Mousepad
  • XXL Gaming Mousepad
  • Tank Top
  • iPhone Case
  • Samsung Phone Case

Other colors are available too.
Let me know if you want something here that is not currently available. =)