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Stress and Consequences

Here we will determine how much of a beating your character can take. You will look at your character’s skills and see if you have Physique and Will. These are the two skills that will determine how physically and mentally resilient your character will be. The higher their values the tougher you will be by potentially adding more boxes to their associated stress tracks, and possibly opening another consequence slot:

  • Physique -> Physical Stress Track
  • Will -> Mental Stress Track.
Stress and Consequences
Stress and Consequences

Hint: If you plan on taking the Physique or Will skills then you may want to decide on taking it before your play otherwise you may not remember to update your character. Taking the skill during may be distracting and you may not record it correctly in the heat of the moment.

Below, compare your Physique and Will values to the values in the left-most column in the table below, then add the following stress boxes to either the Physical or Mental Stress Tracks as needed.

Average (+1) or
Fair (+2)
Good (+3) or
Great (+4)
3- and 4-point 3- and 4-point 
Superb (+5) +3- and 4-point and
an additional mild consequence slot (physical)
3- and 4-point and
an additional mild consequence slot (mental)

Note: If you would like more information check out the link below for Stress and Consequences section of the Functional Mechanics and Game Flow guide. 

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Dan and Sarah decided to pick up Physique @ +1. Jeff and George already had both. Dan decided not to take Will either to show his predilection for the Down Dirty Dark Runner Life. Dan and Sarah both updated their sheets with the addition of Physique. Everyone crossed off their unused boxes for their Physical and Mental Stress tracks.

Trangath(+1) 3-point(+0)
Tyla(+1) 3-point(+2) 3-point
Lysteria(+1) 3-point(+3) 3- and 4-point
Dinbi(+3) 3- and 4-point(+2) 3-point

The group did take notice that their Consequences had been replaced by the Conditions extra from the Fate Systems Toolkit which was shown on the custom Dragon Fall character sheets that Tess gave them.


Having just finished quickly updating their characters, Tess looked over to Jeff, “You’ll be there for the raid on Monday night, right? We are going to need every man to pull their weight. We are going to try the Dark Monger Guardian…again. Although, this time Lorn the dreamboat is organizing and leading us and not that 3rd-rate goon, Gary.

Jeff laughed at her like she was crazy. “Listen, the Chicago Shepards are playing then. During Shepards games you should assume that I do not even exist.” He smiled excitedly at her. “They are favored over the Heralds @ Green Bay and Green Bay has key players injured. Redmon has been on a tear the last few games so Green Bay is not going to have a good time. It is going to be a exciting game. You can join us if you like at Darnel’s house watching it on his big ‘big screen’.

No thanks! Me in a room filled with a bunch of drunk and drooling friends of yours who will hit on me because I am the only girl in the room. I would rather Leeeeroy Jenkins and sit out a whole 4 hour guild raid than be subjected to that. Thanks though!

Suit yourself. You will be missing a great game.

And you will be missing a victorious raid!” Tess retorted.