Aerial close up of the city resource center (The Venus Project)

What Could the Cities of Tomorrow Under a Resource Based Economy Look Like?

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The world of tomorrow cannot be built upon the infrastructure of yesterday.

James O’Neill


If you do not know what a Resource Based Economy is then you will want to check out my posts below for more information:


Here are some amazing examples of what the cities of tomorrow could look like within a Resource Based Economy courtesy of The Venus Project:



Water Based


Short Videos

Here are some cities from The Venus Project which talk about what cities within a RBE would look like and how they would be constructed:

This is a short one – The Venus Project – Cities (4:38):

Here is a short video The Venus Project – Inside the New Cities (5:28):

Longer and Official Videos

The Venus Project: Designing the Future (World Lecture Tour Edition) (12:35):

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James O'Neill

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