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Nationalism, religions, race, gender, sex, etc… are all powerful methods that are used to divide Humanity which results in many, many of the horrors we have seen throughout Humanity’s blood soaked history such as war, genocide, and slavery. Such horrors are still present even in today’s supposedly enlightened world.

Humanity needs a symbol which unites us and brings us together by transcending the limitations and horrors of nationalism and the many, many other methods that we have created to separate us from each other, and this is my attempt to help with that.


I created this flag based heavily off the work of the International Flag of Planet Earth which is amazing and I have been a fan of, but I needed something deeper symbolically and much wider in scope. It needed a symbolism that:

  1. oozes with interdependence and a powerful scope that included not just our planet of origin, Earth, but wherever Humanity may find itself throughout the vastness of time, space, and existence
  2. acknowledges and honors that we are not above, not below, but apart of an interconnected whole of all of existence and its laws, systems, and ecologies
  3. unites us no matter where we are, where we live, or where we are from
  4. acknowledges that life and civilization is a journey, and we are all still and will always be learning how to do it well


Flag of Humanity
Flag of Humanity

The Flag of Humanity‘s symbolism is as follows:

  1. Golden Ratio – Its area is setup to the Golden Ratio which symbolizes the natural world and all of existence that Humanity exists within; that the rules that govern nature and existence itself are beyond our control; that we belong to and are apart of something significantly greater than ourselves.
  2. Interlocked Circles
    • Interdependence – The collection of interlocked circles symbolizes the cycles of interdependence of all things such as: life, death, ecology, manufacturing, farming, humanity, plants animals, air, water, insects, etc. Changing one part of the chain affects the rest.
    • PPoPwH – The collection of interlocked circles symbolizes the Philosophical Pillars for Peace within Humanity, one of which is Humanity as part of the interdependent whole of existence.
  3. Colors
    • White – The white of the circles symbolize equity, unity, peace, and the necessity of conscience, ethics, and the interdependence of Philosophical Pillars for Peace when approaching all things.
    • Blue – The field of blue honors our planet of origin, Earth, the pale blue dot, the blue planet; and that water is the basis of life as we know it. Its area stands for Humanity and our progress and advancement slowly reducing the unknown and our regressions; and movement towards fully realizing the Philosophical Pillars for Peace as universal to Humanity.
    • Black – The black field symbolizes the vast emptiness of unexplored space as well as the vastness of Humanity’s ignorance, regressions, and destructive ways. It also stands as a reminder that no matter how much we think we know or how much progress we have made that there will always be more ways to learn and to improve, the process eternal.
  4. Position of Interlocked Circles – The collection of interlocked circles straddle the blue and black fields to show that transcending our limitations, regressions, and ignorances shall be a never ending and interdependent struggle for which we must remain ever vigilant; and that both our collective progress and regressions belong to all of Humanity and its interdependent place within in the cycles of existence, and can only be dealt with if we are united in a sustainable global process.
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