Halaster Blackcloak - Dungeon of the Mad Mage Halaster Blackcloak – Dungeon of the Mad Mage

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If you are not sure what this is about then check out my previous 2 posts on starting this Dungeons and Dragons Campaign:

  1. Starting a New D&D Campaign – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (RPG)
  2. Intersectional Character History for Valeriana Estelmer and Dathana Kell (Narrative)

Finished Water Deep: Dragon Heist

Hurriedly, we finished Dragon Heist on Sunday (Nov 18) by compressing the last part of the adventure so we could finish the adventure and hurry to the reward. We are a more honorable group who worked mostly with the Harpers (4 people) and the Lords Alliance (2 people), I think, so we gave the money back from the heist to the coffers of Waterdeep at Laerel Silverhand‘s request.

Doing so gave us a fairly sizable reward to which we will work on spending hopefully prior to the next session this Sunday (Dec 2) so we can be all magicked up prior to our inevitable descent into the brutal adventure Dungeon of the Mad Mage (DotMM) which will take us through the depths of the Undermountain, that famous 23 level dungeon of the mad mage Halaster Blackcloak!

Character/Player Updates

Player Changes

A few people have missed a session or two over the last few weeks.

  • Khelruun has not made it at all because the player was severely adulting, so I removed his character from the list below. Damn it Life!! Hopefully, he will be able to join us with the next stage of the adventure.
  • Arathorn was missing from this last session
  • Valeriana was missing from this last session too. He forgot we were playing!!!!

Tearlach’s player will be moving out of town so he may end up missing most games depending on if he can arrange the ride on down or have the time. Oh, and Tearlach has contracted lycanthropy from a wererat which we have not dealt with, nor necessarily know about yet. =O

Hopefully, they will all be there for our first foray into Undermountain which should be this Sunday!

Character Updates

Ranged Doom

In an unusual place for our games we have an incredible amount of ranged attacks. Everyone except for 1 character has a significant ranged attack in one form or another. There have been quite a few encounters where this fact gave us an advantage and we used it to good effect.

  • Arathorn: arcane cantrips (previously light crossbow)
  • Durden: longbow (previously hand axe)
  • Patrin: arcane cantrips + breath weapon
  • Tearlach: uses his monastic speed to close quickly
  • Udo: arcane cantrips
  • Valaeriana: non-evocation based arcane spells
  • Vanaress: divine and arcane cantrips; she is our walking spell turret and heal bot

The arcane cantrip Toll the Bell is a favorite for our a few of our Arcane caster of our group even though for some, it mostly fizzles. =O

Also, most characters can also melee so we are quite the tactically flexible group, although the monks typically take up all of the healing because they are a bit of glass cannons. =O

Characters Level Updates

Note: I will update this with the feat/stat points when I get all of that.

name race  background significant skills/features
Arathorn Lawful Neutral
Folk Hero Fighter (Battle Master) 4/Wizard 1 Athletics

Feats: ??

Durden Multae Chaotic Good
Faction Agent (Harpers) Monk (Kensei) 3/ Ranger 1 (Urban, Shapechangers) Acrobatics, Deception, Perception, Persuasion, Stealth

Kensei Wpns: Longsword/Longbow

Feats: +1 Dex/+1 Cha

Patrin Myastan Lawful Good
Soldier Fighter (Purple Dragon) 1/ Sorcerer (Dragon) 4 Acrobatics, Intimidation

Feats: Dragon Wings

Tearlach Lawful Neutral
Far Traveler Monk (Drunken Master) 5 Acrobatics, Stealth

Feats: Martial Adept

Udo Hellmouth Chaotic Good
Haunted One Warlock (Hexblade) 5 Deception, Intimidation

Feats: +2 Cha

Valeriana Estelmer Lawful Neutral
Waterdhavian Noble Wizard (Conjurer) 5 Arcana, History, Persuasion

Feats: ??

Venaress Chaotic Neutral
Urchin Cleric (Arcane Domain) 5 Medicine, Perception

Feat: Magic Initiate

Magic Item Purchases

For our purchasing frenzy we are limited to common and uncommon items to start as we look to prepare for our foray into Undermountain. We can purchase Common and Uncommons magic items which have to be dealt with through rolls through the Downtime Rules for purchasing magic items from Xanathar’s Guide.

Looking to spend all of my 7k gold pieces I have a huge list of magic items I am hoping to purchase, including filling all 3 of my attunement slots to start. The major Item I wanted was Bracers of Defense to bolster up up middling AC, but that was a rare, so that will have to wait and hopefully I can find or buy one later. Because of my character’s 10 in strength I also really wanted a Handy Haversack which is also rare item.

I will not give you my complete shopping list here, but here are the highlights:

Attuneable items:

  • Ring of Mind Shielding
  • Dagger of Warning
  • Gauntlets of Swimming and Climbing


  • +1 silvered longsword
  • +1 longbow


  • Bag of Holding
  • Efficient Quiver
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