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published : 18 Dec 2008
last edited: 26 Jul 2022 – I added numbers to each section and to switched to numbered lists everywhere. I have also started to remove all of the dead links and have added them to the end in case someone wants to try to find them again. =)


This is a massive collection of links that I put together over a decade ago, now (2008). I am now starting to comb through them to weed out all of the dead links (Jul 2022), and I may start adding new links in the future.

If any of these links are dead or need correcting, or if you have recommendations please let me know.

I. In Support of Esperanto

A. More Casual

  1. The Wave of Esperanto, 125 Years of History
  2. Does anyone here speak Esperanto? (Fifth Ave Presbyterian Church, May 2010)
  3. How to talk ‘proper Kairdiff’ – in Esperanto (BBC News, Feb 2010)
  4. Just 2 weeks learning Esperanto can get you months ahead in your target language (Fluent in 3 Months)
  5. The ‘One Show’ does Esperanto (January 2010, You Tube Video) – really good coverage
  6. Dr. Zamenhof’s Illustrated Biography (video; By John Hornby and Colin Andrew
  7. World Language Info
  8. Marking The Centennial Of Esperanto Creator’s Visit (NPR Radio program)
  9. A beginners guide to Esperanto – more of a historical overview and explanation (Guardian UK, July 2003 by David Newnham)
  10. Summer 2010 Funding Announced (Hendrix College, Arizona, 2 Apr 2010) – tells of a grant given to teach an Esperanto class
  11. LL Zamenhof and the Shadow People, The Amazing Story Of How Esperanto Came To Be (The New Republic, Dec 2009;  by Esther Schor)
  12. Learn Esperanto (Learning Language Advisor)
  13. Transparent Language: Esperanto BLog
  14. Esperanto, The International Language That Works,
  15. Europe Democracy Esperanto (2009?)
  16. Esperanto is (Esperanto estas …)
  17. Esperanto by Free Language Course
  18. Crocodiling in Esperanto On the Streets of Hanoi – (Aug. 2007)
  19. Tim Morley teaches Esperanto to Kelly Clarkson on the Paul O’Grady Show (Oct. 2005)
  20. How do you say billionaire in Esperanto (The New York Times, Dec 2010)

B. More Technical or In Depth

  1. The Esperanto language, our last hope (Dec 2010)
  2. Esperanto as an international auxiliary language (League of Nations, 1922)
  3. On classifying Esperanto as a Natural Language (F30, Apr 2010)
  4. How European is Esperanto? A typological Study (Ingenta Connect; $37.10; Vol 1, 2010)
  5. Wikipedia entry for Esperanto
  6. Autodidact Project (Google Search) (a massive amount of essays about Esperanto)
  7. Humanist Heroes: Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof (Humanist Life, June 2010)
  8. Educational Value of Esperanto Study: An American View, The (1983, The Educational Resources Information Center)
  9. Educational Resources Information Center (100+ items)
  10. Esperanto – The New Latin for the Church and for Ecumenism (May 2002)
  11. Psychological Reactions to Esperanto by Claude Piron (Documents sur l’esperanto in the mid-1980)
  12. Evolution Proof of Life (Claude Piron)
  13. Dunning-Kruger Effect – Wikipedia Article
  14. Open letter to the members of the European Parliament, by Claude Piron (February 1996)
  15. Esperanto – a reply to some arguments against Esperanto
  16. Prague Manifesto in English (in other Languages) (drafted in 1996 at the World Congress of Esperanto)
  17. Esperanto Hearing before the Committee on Education, House of Representatives (March 1914)

II. Children and Esperanto

For now this is going to be a grab-bag of children related links mostly pulled from below and other parts. =)

  1. Propaedeutic value of Esperanto
  2. Books for Children (mostly in Esperanto @ Children Around the World (Ronald Glossop)
  3. Stainless Steel Rat series (on Amazon) – its in English but the the main character speaks some Esperanto (by Harry Harrison)
  4. Children Around the World
  5. Comics (see below)
  6. Baby (21 mo.) speaks in Esperanto (You Tube)
  7. Mondeto – Integrated Primary – LOTE (Languages other than English??) – has a workbook and CD for sale to teach children.

III. Text Based

A. Learning Tools (In English)

B. In Esperanto

  1. Bertilow
  2. Tonyo’s Blog on Ipernity
  3. Book Shop (Librejo)
  4. Open Library (Esperanto subject with ~504 entries)
  5. Stainless Steel Rat series (on Amazon) – its in English but the the main character speaks some Esperanto (by Harry Harrison)
  6. Comics
    1. Small Comic Strips @
    2. Baloo’s Cartoon BLog
  7. Cantr II – text based game to practice your language skills (available in about 16 other languages as well)
  8. Espsof
  9. Catholic Hope Magazine (Archives)
  12. Esperanto Culture Festival
  13. Wikibooks: Esperanto
  14. Genology Site
  15. Wikipedia in Esperanto
  16. Old Esperanto Hymnal
  17. Adoru (Ekumena Diserva Libro) – Ecumenical book of Christian songs, hymns, liturgies, and prayers for various forms of Christianity. Almost one thousand songs, most with music notes plus a small taste of quotes from other religions. Alphabetical index. 2001. 1422 + 50p. 190×110. Hardbound. Germany. ISBN 3-9803793-5-3
  18. Free Paper (Libera Folio) (an independent paper)
  19. Gazetejo (Esperanto magazines – download Esperanto magazines)
  20. Sherlock Holmes stories
  21. Books in Esperanto at
  22. China Radio International
  23. Hope (
  24. (collection of texts)
  25. Esperanto Usenet Group (via Google)
  26. Scrabble (Skrablo)
  27. Education @ internet

C. In English

  1. Feedly List of Esperanto BLogs
  2. Scribd
  3. Delbarrio (BLog)
  4. Esperanto Friends (BLog)
  5. Concise Encyclopedia of the Original Literature of Esperanto (Geoffrey Sutton, 2008)

IV. Audio (in Esperanto)

  1. 3ZZZ Radio Archive (Melbourne, Australia)
  2. Amikaro de Esperanto en Radio (Friends of Esperanto on Radio)
  3. Aminda Radio (Lovely Radio)
  4. Angroj (Agonies) – a 1964 French movie in Esperanto
  5. Aldone (Intermediary) (Germany)
  6. Ĉina Radio Internacia (China Radio International) (China)
  7. El Popola China (From the Chineses People) (China) – internet radio
  8. Esperanto la Lingvo Defrateco (The Language of Brotherhood of Rio) (Rio Dejaneiro, Brazil) – Looks like a Christian site.
  9. Espéranto Magazino (Esperanto Magazine) (Toulouse, France)
  10. Esperanto Music Albums (a historical list in Wikipeida)
  11. Frazeologia (Phraseological Minutes) – a work read aloud by Sabine Fiedler and Pavel Rak
  12. Kern (Core) (Germany) – technology, culture, society
  13. Hiphopo en Esperanto (HipHop in Esperanto)
  14. Idiot’s Delight – 1939 film with Norma Shearer and Clark Gable at the beginning of WWII that is based in a nameless European country where the locals speak/read/write Esperanto so as not to offend
  15. La Bona Renkontiĝo (The Good Date with Stela (Germany – interviews)
  16. La Malfamuloj (The Infamous)
  17. La Pafklik (Esperanto Music Group… I think? or at least their site is in Esperanto)
  18. La Podkasto en Esperanto (The Podcast in Esperanto)
  19. Last FM (music labeled Esperanto)
  20. Librivox search for audio titles; Search Librivox Google Search for Esperanto
  21. Movada (Movement Point of View) – last espisode was Dec 2021
  22. Muzaiko (Mosaic) – global music and esperanto
  23. Muziko de Johannes Mueller(Music by Johannes Mueller)
  24. Novaĵoj de Japanio (News of Japan)
  25. NPR segments about Esperanto – most likely in English
  26. Pola Retradio (Internet Radio of Poland) (Poland)
  27. Radio Esperanto (Kaliningrad, Russia)
  28. Radio Frei (Free Radio) – search for Esperanto podcasts
  29. Radio Havana Kubo (Radio Havana, Cuba)
  30. Radio Scienca (Science Radio)
  31. Radio Vatikana (Vatican Radio)
  32. Radio Verda (Green Radio) – YouTube
  33. Radio Verda (Green Radio) – Archive at Enrique
  34. Spiritisma Voĉo (Spiritist Voice)
  35. Universeala Lindo de Argentina (Universal Lindo or Argentina) (Argentina)
  36. Varsovia Vento Elsendoj (Warsaw Wind Broadcasts)
  37. Vinilkosmo (Vinyl Cosmos) (Esperanto Music Group)
  38. Warsaw Vento (Poland)

V. Video

  1. List of 89 movies (IMDB) that have the Esperanto language in it.
  2. List of Esperanto Language Films (Wikipedia)
  3. Blade: Trinity – Whistler has a conversation in Esperanto.
  4. dotSub – videos in Esperanto
  5. Esperanto and Cinema (article on Delbarrio’s BLog)
  6. Esperanto Documentary by Sam Green (Dec 2011) (Official Website)
  7. Esperanto TV
  8. Evolution of Peter Senkov, The – (a short film for the 2006 Russian Animation Film Festival with Esperanto subtitles)
  10. Gattaca (1997) – Esperanto appears in text form in this movie
  11. Incubus (A 1965 all Esperanto movie starring William Shatner) available from Amazon
    1. Incubus Trailer on You Tube
  12. Katamari Damacy (PS2, PSP , PS3 video game) – The King and Prince of All Cosmos speak Esperanto
  13. MANEKENO oficiala’s Channel on You Tube
  14. commercial with Esperanto
  15. Open Subtitles (2 pages of movies and TV Shows)
  16. Red Dwarf – the British series has a bit of Esperanto in it
  17. Senmova (Motionless)(YouTubified) (poster available here) (A ~ 14 minute Turkish movie in Esperanto, with English subtitles)
  18. TED talks subtitled in Esperanto
  19. Television Journal News on You Tube (looks like a Esperanto station covering Chinese news – very well done, but only one video from Sep 2010)
  20. The Language Archive – and off-broadway play by Julia Cho
  21. The Language Challenge by Claude Piron (video)
  22. The Road to Singapore (1940 – staring Bob Hope, and Bing Crosby has some Esperanto in it)
  23. Trailer for ‘Espero’, an original Esperanto sitcom
  24. YouTube videos with Esperanto in the title

VI. Products In or About Esperanto

  1. PDF Search Engine (Esperanto)
  2. Froogle (5,000+ items)
  3. Barnes and Noble (7+ pages)
  4. Cafe Press [T-Shirts and more] (10+ pages)
  5. Amazon (3+ pages)
  6. EBay (100+ items)
  7. Greeting Card Universe (~50 cards available)bal
  8. Esperanto USA’s Hypermart
  9. Lulu (2 pages)
  10. Book Shop Catalog for Esperanto Association of Great Britain
  11. Esperanto on Yahoo
  12. Google Book Search (Esperanto)
  13. Internet Archive (2 pages)
  14. Many Books
    1. 8 items about Esperanto
    2. 3 pages of items in Esperanto
  15. Esperanto Torrents
    1. The Pirate Bay
  16. Project Gutenberg
    1. The Esperanto Teacher, by Helen Frye
    2. Zamenhoff’s books
    3. All books in Esperanto

VII. Social Networking and Translators

  1. Amikumu (Social Language Learning Network)
  2. Esperanto Correspondence Service
  3. Esperanto Language Exchange
  4. Esperanto Meetups via
  5. Ipernity (social networking)
  6. Polyglot (email pen pal exchange to learn foreign Languages (including Esperanto)
  7. Reddit search for Esperanto

VIII. Translators

IX. Software Support for Esperanto

A. Software

B. Flash Card

  1. Anki
  2. BYKI (2 pages of Esperanto flash cards)
  3. LingvoSoft FlashCards 2009 (8000 words/phrases for Esperanto in English; $50)
  4. JMemorize (Java based)
  5. Mnemosyne (Linux, Windows, Mac; also has a Java based phone app available)
  6. Pro Profs (3 pages or so)
  7. Quizlet
  8. Smart.FM Flash Cards (looks cool – 5 pages worth)
  9. Super Memo
  10. Teach 2000
  11. Twinkle (Palm Pilot)

C. User Interface Language Support for Esperanto

  1. Drupal: is available in Esperanto (an open source content management system)
  2. European Union Website: is in Esperanto
  3. Firefox– an open source and free browser – which ‘Totally roxors my boxors!!’
  4. Gimp – an open source and image editing software for Linux
  5. Google’s Interface is available as a language and you can specifically search Esperanto only sites.
  6. GNU Esperanto Translation Team: looking for help in translating part of their website into Esperanto
  7. Ubuntu – an open source and Linux Distro
  8. Wikipedia: is available in Esperanto (an online encyclopedia)
  9. WordPress: is available in Esperanto (an open source content management system)

X. Organizations

  1. Academy of Esperanto (the official Esperanto Language oversight org)
  2. Esperanto Association of Great Britain
  3. Esperanto USA
  4. Esperanto for the UN
  5. MIT Society for Esperanto
  6. List of Real Esperanto Libraries throughout the world
  7. Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF)
  8. Esperanto Lobby (UK/EU)
  9. Unitarian Universalist Esperanto Network
  10. Esperanto Education (Britain)
  11. International Union for Catholic Esperantists
  12. Unitarian Universalist Esperanto Network
  13. Herzberg, Germany(more info)
  14. University of Rochester
  15. American Association of Teachers of Esperanto
  16. Human Rights Organization
  17. Academy of Esperanto
  18. Scout Esperanto League
  19. Mensperanto (Mensa) – Mensa Special Interest Group
  20. International League of Esperanto Teachers (Esperanto only)
  21. International Society for Esperanto Conferences (OSIEK)
  22. Baha’i Esperanto League
  23. Buddhist Esperantists League
  24. International League of Christian Esperantists
  25. Quaker Esperanto
  26. Oomoto Esperanto (Japan)
  27. Worldwide Esperanto Journalist Association (TEJA)
  28. World Non-national Association (SAT)
  29. PEN – A World Association of Writers
  30. Rotary Fellowship of Esperanto

XI. Custom Search Engine

  1. Esperanto

XII. Esperanto Travel

  1. Frugal Travel with Esperanto
  2. Kefalonia (travel agency site available in Esperanto)
  3. Servas
  4. Pasporta Servo
  5. Esperanto: The Universal Language of Travelers? (Vagabondish)
  6. 8 Tools to Help You Travel Forever and Live Rent Free (Vagabondish)

XIII. Nay Sayers

  1. Learn Not to Speak Esperanto” — Countered by Claud Piron – “ Learn Not to Speak Esperanto
  2. “Is Esperanto’s Vocabulary Bloated?”
  3. “Esperanto — A Critique”
  4. “Sidebar: The Irregularities of Esperanto”
  5. The Problems with Esperanto: Part 1Part 2, and Part 3 (You Tube – TheMontagueBW)

XIV. Dead Links

If you can find this content somewhere else that would be great!!
Especially, the Mario Pei, Don Harlow, and Sylvan Zaft stuff!

A. More Casual

  1. BBC Radio 4 About Esperanto (MP3 – starts @ 27 min & ends @ 34:30)(on You Tube) – (7 Aug 2010)
  2. Esperanto is worth learning and is learnable by all (video of Esperanto short interviews with English subtitles) (Language Storm, 12 May 2010)
  3. Excerpts from ‘Utopia in Four Movements’, Sundance 2010 performance (video – Esperanto stuff from  55 sec to about 10:14)
  4. Esperanto: La Lingvo Internacia (?A website created for a Junior High School project?)
  5. Kiel vi fartas? (That’s “How are you?” in Esperanto) (the Sun, 2 Aug 2010)
  6. Peter Jameson’s Secret Language by Sylvan Zaft (a not-so-short children’s story in English involving Esperanto)
  7. Learn Esperanto to Learn French, Chinese, or Yiddish (Nissa Annakindt, August 2009)
  8. Conference Proves that Esperanto can be the Language of Love (Times Online, July 2009)
  9. Esperanto is a Family Affair in Serbia (Earth Times, September 2009)
  10. Dr One-Who-Hopes (The Jewish Week, June 2009)
  11. L.L. Zamenhof: Who He Was and Why He Is On Google (National Geographic, Dec 2009)
  12. How Esperanto Changed My Life (PDF) (Arlyn Kerr, December 2008)
  13. Esperanto, a common language in Europe?
  14. Universal Language Requirement (Bruce Arne Sherwood, “Physics Today”, July 1979)
  15. a Language for the Rest of Us” (Sylvan Zaft, December 2007)
  16. Esperanto as a Foreign Language Choice on (Jan 2009)
  17. Why Esperanto Is Different, New English Review (Dec, 2007)
  18. Mondeto – A second Language for All Children
  19. Political Esperanto: Rhetorical Resources and Limitations of The Christian Right in the United States (2005)
  20. BLog – Geoff in Nanjing, China teaching at a University where Esperanto is the second most used language (May 2008)
  21. Reasons to Learn Esperanto
  22. The Bahai Answer to Babel: The Yale Globalist (Jan 2009)
  23. Esperanto and the Red Cross (June 1996)
  24. You say what On American campuses, Esperanto is an extracurricular language – the Boston Phoenix (Jan. 2009)
  25. What is Esperanto? What can it do for you? – An Amazing Mind
  26. A humorous Daily Show piece featuring William Shatner and the re-release and remastering of Incubus (video, April 1999)
  27. The Math Behind the Assertion that It Really Would Make Sense to make Esperanto the World’s Default Second Language
  28. One Language One Currency (You Tube, CNN, Sep 2010)

B. More Technical or In Depth

  1. Knowledge Rush Entry for Esperanto
  2. Doctoro Esperanto’s Dream (The Chronicle Review)
  3. Esperanto and language awareness (Mark Fettes, OSIE, University of Toronto, Canada)
  4. Is Esperanto? A Joke or a Serious Option? (John Wells, 2003)
  5. Esperanto – a Language for a Global Village (Sylvan Zaft, 2002)
  6. Esperanto Book, The (Don Harlow, 1995)
  7. Esperanto: Part I, Part II, Part III from Planet Earth, Our Home (Dec 2008)
  8. Esperanto and Esperantism: Symbols and Motivations in a Movement for Linguistic Equality (David K. Jordan, 1987 Language Problems & Language Planning)
  9. Contribution of the International Language Esperanto Towards Linguistic Diversity, The (PDF) by Abel Montagut – a Romance Philologist
  10. Esperanto – a way to humanism – International Humanist and Ethical Union (June 2006)
  11. One Language For The World and how to achieve it by Mario Pei (1958)
  12. Esperanto Study: and Overview (Humphrey Tonkin and Mark Fettes, 1996)
  13. Remarks on the Esperanto Symposium by Mario Pei (International Language Review, Jul.-Sep. 1993)

C. Children and Esperanto

  1. Esperanto for Young Children using the Motesorri Method (Scientific Commons, 2010)
  2. Peter Jameson’s Secret Language by Sylvan Zaft (a not-so-short children’s story in English involving Esperanto)
  3. Translation of some children’s books into Esperanto
  4. Mazi en Gondolando – Esperanto Cartoon for kids (1 of 18) @ Ning (Mazi on You Tube)
  5. Esperanto for Children (World TV)
  6. Mondeto – A second Language for All Children (Australia – link not functioning =( )
  7. Springboard 2 Languages (Britain)
  8. Radio Interview with Mondeto (You Tube)

D. Learning Tools (In English)

E. In Esperanto

  2. Esperanto por Lernejaj Klasoj (Esperanto for School Classes? Teachers?)
  3. Wunderground – Weather underground
  4. Nunonia – news site in Esperanto
  5. Parlo, Mondo
  6. Comics
    1. Asterix (Comic)
    2. War of the Worlds (Comic)
    3. Tama and Ghama (web comic)
    4. Small collection of comics on Fotki
    5. Small collection of Comics on Komiksoj
  7. Esperanto Land (German/Esperanto)
  8. Scans of period Esperanto Magazines (Austrian National Library)
  9. Speaking to the World (News?)
  10. (English versionEsperanto version) – seems like a Christian site of sorts)
  11. La Verda Stelo
  12. Event EO (A news reporting site)
  13. International Humanist Esperanto Portal
  14. William Auld’s list of Esperanto Classic Literature
  15. Night Watchmen by Sergey Lukyanenko
  16. Esperanto Magazines
  17. Retejo
  18. diVERse
  19. (I do not know who or what this is, but it looks like a blog of a Swedish dude.)
  20. Reta Informado-Centro (Central Information Network)
  21. Languagefest
  22. – collection of Esperanto Links (deactivated account)
  23. Total Mongolia
  24. Translation of some children’s books into Esperanto
  25. chenero

C. In English

  1. High Beam Research – articles on Esperanto (1,600+ results) (subscription – 1 week free trial)
  2. Questia School – research and articles on Esperanto
  3. Cite U Like
  4. Go Get Papers
  5. Google Directory

D. Audio (in Esperanto)

  1. Chi Tie Nun (podcast)
  2. Esperanto Radio Archive
  3. Esperanto Retradio (Germany)
  4. Music from around the world
  5. Radio Active Podcast (ERA @Ameriko too) (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  6. Music Express
  7. Polish Radio; more Polish Radio
  8. Radio Esperanto (Russia)
  9. Radio International (Italy)
  10. RAI International Online (Italian site, link towards the top)
  11. Varsovia Vento Klubo

E. Video (in Esperanto)

  1. All4Divx – subtitles in Esperanto for DivX
  2. AOL Video: Esperanto
  3. Farbskatol’ (?Painted Box?) (Blog with a lot of collected videos in Esperanto)
  4. A humorous Daily Show piece featuring William Shatner and the re-release and remastering of Incubus (video, April 1999)
  5. Incubus Clip with William Shatner on You Tube
  6. ITVC (Poland)
  7. La Ponto
  8. Mazi – Esperanto Cartoon for kids (1 of 18) (Ning) (Mazi on You Tube)
  9. Mogulus TV
  10. My Space Videos
  11. Ne Plu Pikniko (No More Picnic) – an artsy independent film in Esperanto that won Best Satire Short at the NYIIFV Festival 2008 and is on to Cannes 2009.
  12. Over Stream (9+ pages of videos in Esperanto)
  13. Russian cartoons and Movies with Esperanto subtitles (Kinejo in Esperanto rete)
  14. Space Race – a 1935 Russian film with Esperanto subtitles
  15. TV Esperanto (via TV Bialystock, PL)

F. Products In or About Esperanto

G. Esperanto Torrents

  1. Torrent of a 250 Esperanto Book Collection
  2. Extra Torrent
  3. Sumo Torrent
  4. Torrent Reactor
  5. Torrentz
  6. ISO Hunt
  7. Rapid Library

H. Social Networking

  1. Chatonic (Esperanto Chat room with Video and Voice options)
  2. Christian Orthodox Esperanto Yahoo Group
  3. Eklaboru – connecting Esperanto speakers with work – Kewl! =)
  4. Edzperanto (Esperanto dating site -really new)
  5. Esperanto Twitter-Group
  6. Esperanto US – Globe Trotter (Ning)
  7. Kalku (?an Esperanto Twitter like site?)

I. Translators

  1. Transifex (Esperanto Translation Team)
  2. (Where Linguists and Their Clients Meet) UniLang Language Chat – Esperanto Channel

J. Software Support for Esperanto

  1. Translators and Dictionaries
    1. Translate: Esperanto 1.24 ($12 for Palm Pilot?)
    2. English – Esperanto Dictionary from iTunes
  2. Courses and Learning
    1. Course in Esperato (Kurso de Esperanto) Free software
    2. iStudy: Esperanto Vocabulary 1.0 (iPhone App – 2.99?)
  3. Esperanto Editors and Character Typing
    1. Litova-Esperanto Klavaro (Esperanto character typing App)
    2. Tajpi (Esperanto Letter toolbar thingy)
    3. Simredo – Java based unicode editor

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