A Humanity Beyond Politics, War, and Suffering2 min read

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Answers. Simple but wrong. Complex but right
Answers. Simple but wrong. Complex but right


What I am going to propose here in this book which will be titled “Humanity’s Journey from Abundance to Scarcity and Back Again” is not going to be easy for many people to hear, because I am going to ask you to consider questioning the very foundations of Human civilization, the very foundations of our world as we know it today. This is not going to be an easy concept to get your head around or to even begin to start thinking about. For me this has been a journey of 15+ years. Many people will suffer from A LOT of cognitive dissonance and will resist, yelling at me in the process, and that is OK, but just recognize first that the dissonance is happening. And, hopefully, within this work I can begin to help you understand why that is happening and what to do with it.

In this text I hope I can start to explain the source of most of the issues Humanity has so that you will be able to have the tools you need to begin your own journey into saving Humanity from itself. For many, this book will be an awakening and/or it will be completely enraging because I am challenging your world view in powerful ways. Hopefully, this work will be apart of your awakening, perhaps even accompanied by an appropriate amount of rage for change.

As you are reading all of this I want you to be thinking of this one question:

How much further would Humanity be ahead if we were cooperating instead of murdering each other through tribalistic competition?

Table of Contents

This work will be separated into ?? main sections:

  1. The Tao of Entropy and Syntropy within Human Social Systems
  2. Tension within Methods of Exchange
  3. The Inevitability of Inequality and Its Harm
  4. Profit Over Values