Fatesville Gaming Group (FGG)1 min read

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  • Published: Fri, 30 Jun 2017
  • Version: 1.0

About the Fatesville Gaming Group

The Fatesville Gaming Group (FGG) is a fictitious gaming group I created to serve as a cast for the narratives written for my Fate guides (character sheets for the players themselves are attached below). These narratives will be used mostly for the process based guides like the Character Creation Primer and the Campaign Creation Primer. In other guides, such narratives will be added as needed.

At the end of most sections of a process based guide I will include a short narrative about how the group is dealiing with each phase of the process they are going through and a little more so you can get to know them and the process that the guide is covering. The cast of the FGG, which meets at shy Sarah’s house, is composed of the following characters:

Dantheir dedicated and hungry GM
Tessdedicated and knowledgeable player
Sarahcerebral player who likes the rules too much
Georgea casual player who is easily distracted
Jeffhyper-competitive tactical player

I am not including conflict in these narratives since that may be counterproductive to illustrating the guides and other concepts necessary to understand the game.