Screen Shot from Renault of Brazil's Cave of the Dragon Commercial Screen Shot from Renault of Brazil’s Cave of the Dragon Commercial

Amazing D&D Cartoon Inspired Commercial from Renault of Brazil!2 min read

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Growing up I had always been a fan of fantasy and science fiction, but my first introduction to what would be come one of the most powerful influences in my life, role playing games, was the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the mid-1980’s (1983-1985). This cartoon is what inspired me to look for someone to teach me this amazing game which led to a life of great friendships and memories as well as a powerful hobby that I still do to this day.

First Episode of the D&D Cartoon

The series is definitely a bit cheesy by today’s standards of animation and writing, but in its day… wow! Below you can watch the first episode which I found on YouTube:

Dungeons & Dragons (Ep. 01) The Night of No Tomorrow

It seems you can also watch full series of the Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon on YouTube too! Yea!

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The Video

Without any further ado, here is the video Cave of the Dragon Commercial by Renault of Brazil for their KWID Outsider:

Cave of the Dragon Commercial in Brazil for Renault’s KWID Outsider.

English Captions For Video

Here’s the translation until someone makes proper subtitles:

Sheila: Do it, Bobby!
Bobby: Arrrrgh!

(Cave crashes)

Bobby: Uniiii..?

(Venger comes flying)

Hank: It’s Venger! Run!
Sheila: Do it, Eric!
Eric: Arrrrgh!

(Car stops near party)

DM: Time to return home, kids!
ALL: Let’s go.

(Car pursued by Venger)

Venger: Fools! You’ll never escape!
Hank: Go, go, go, go, go!

Eric: Presto, do something!
Venger: Noooooooo!

(Car goes through portal)

Narrator: Leave the impossible behind.

ALL: We’re back!
Bobby: Wait… where’s Uni?

Narrator: New Renault Kwid Outsider, the Compact SUV.

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