Return from the Ocean by Free Xenon (24 Dec 2022) – My First Track

Introduction I have been wanting to start attempting to make music for a while, especially to create music for our yoga studio. I finally gave it a twirl while I was creating a romantic video for my wife as a Christmas present. A part of that process was creating this as background music for the […]

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Screen Shot from Renault of Brazil's Cave of the Dragon Commercial

Amazing D&D Cartoon Inspired Commercial from Renault of Brazil!

Introduction Background Growing up I had always been a fan of fantasy and science fiction, but my first introduction to what would be come one of the most powerful influences in my life, role playing games, was the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the mid-1980’s (1983-1985). This cartoon is what inspired me to look for […]

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"But the third parties split..." "Blame the system and not the people"

If you are angry with a “Third Party Split” then you have no idea what is going on.

With America’s 2018 mid-term electoral cycle and other electoral cycles where the US’s few major 3rd parties (Green Party and Libertarian) consistently’ish on the ballots and affecting the electoral result, some of you are blaming these 3rd parties for their party’s loss. If you are doing this then you have no idea what is going and you are pissed at the wrong thing. You need to get your self woke! I am not even kidding here. Your ignorance is hurting us all.

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