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I started writing this post one third of the way through his vitriol laden rant fully expecting not much was going to change by the end, buy and nothing did change.I did watch the whole thing before finishing this post.

The Louisiana Gun: The Manning Bar (on YouTube as well) with Reverend Dr. James David Manning (author of the Oblation Hour) speaks out against Obama and claims that white people are going to riot because they are tired of being pushed around. *shakes head* I was not aware I was about to revolt? Perhaps I did not get his script? *shrug*

I just had this video forwarded to me and it is really disappointing to hear how such influential people can be so lost and bigoted (calling Obama a man-lover, homosexual, half-breed, Muslim, illegal alien, usurper). I fully expect these words, especially from a man of his background (conservative Christian Southern preacher), but it is still sad to hear.

Dr. Manning’s words were vacuous at best, and he is attempting naught but fear mongering and fomenting unrest and rebellion (where there is none) via sensationally and emotionally charged words, which is a southern preacher’s talent. Move the congregation with fear and emotion; reason and dignity be damned.

Dr Manning claims matter-of-factly that his view is the state of things with nary a hint of evidence evidence or reasoning. He incorrectly assumes that everyone in America is his version of Christianity (Southern and Conservative), when in-fact, we all are not, and I am pretty sure the fact that Obama was elected shows this clearly as well.

Obama made no illusion of trying to cater to the Southern Conservative Christians (even though he seems to be leaning that way a bit) as Republicans are want to do with their platforms. The Republicans are currently struggling with this and trying to  reinvent themselves to stay current and not lose themselves in the morass of uber-conservatism, which is obviously not the direction that American socio-cultural values are headed. Gay marriage anyone?

He is just a conservative southern Christian rallying against a liberal president using the traditional conservative vitriol in an attempt to maintain the status quo. Social progress is the bane of conservative religion because change means that they need to change to remain relevant; if they have to do that then they were not “correct” to begin with. They will have to change as a religion or die out as a religion and lose face in the process

In our increasingly progressive and aware society, uber-conservative and controlling religions are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their stagnant social values to maintain face as well as to maintain control of their flock. Without that the sheep may become disillusioned and wander off to greener and potentially more enlightened pastures.

His speech appears to be an attempt to appeal to the homophobic conservative Christian African American by attempting add credence to his views by saying the that  white people felt that way too. His racist and bigoted words do not stop there. He calls Obama a homosexual to try to cement his lack of a real case. =(

These uber-conservative Christians are a huge part of what is wrong with America today and it saddens me to the core. Let us please have a moment of silence for Dr. Manning and may God have mercy on his soul.

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