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Starting a Twitch Stream2 min read

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I am starting a Twitch stream where I will concentrate on playing turn based strategy games while I wait for someone to pop in to talk politics! This idea might be a complete train wreck or it may be educational, hopefully for all. We Shall SEEE!!

Here is my stream: Free Xenon @ Twitch

What Games Will I Play?

I will be looking to play mostly turn based strategy games because my hands can no longer handle FPS (first-person shooter) based games because I have RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Also, because of that, you will also see me wearing wrist braces too.

I will be playing these games at various times:

Currently, I started BattleTech with a new career whose lance is named Stone Heart’s Legion.

Lets Also Talk Shop

If you stop in to see me play we can also talk politics if you like too!
If you do not know me very well, I am very progressive, so be prepared! =)

Streaming Schedule

I am just getting started so I do NOT have a set schedule yet. I am hoping that when school starts for my daughter (which is soon) to attempt to stream regularly on Fridays during the day, and possibly one other day too.

Update (22 Oct 2019): Currently, my schedule is:

  • Fridays: from 11:00am – 2:00pm US CST where I will play games and a
  • Saturdays: I try to fit in 1 hour of streaming where I can. This is a Just Chatting session, so I will sit there and ramble on a topic or two until someone pops in.
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