Political Compass for 2020 Election Political Compass for 2020 Election

Political Compass for 2020 Election2 min read

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This will be a followup to my previous post Progressive Candidates for 2020 Presidential Election which can show you in a more graphical way why I support these candidates.

Political Compass 2020

In the image below which was pulled from US Presidential Candidates 2020 (Political Compass) you can see that Steve Saylor is NOT on there, but this will give you a great idea how out candidates stand on the left to right spectrum.

Political Compass for 2020 Election
Political Compass for 2020 Election

From its original page this is rated from the standpoint of the European political spectrum which is considerably more progressive than our countries absolutely broken electoral system would allow.

From this graphic you can see that the candidates I really support (Sanders, Gabbard, Hawkins) are the only ones that actually on the left and everyone else is on the right, which is much of our country’s problem. There is no major left party to represent the other half of America. There is only center right (Democrats) and far right lunatic fringe (Republicans).

A Broken System

I talk about why this is a thing through the pernicious effects of the destruction of our education systems and of our horrific two-party system in my 2 posts:

Please check them out so you can see how we got into this horrible situation and what we can do to fix it. Also keep in mind:

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