Acceptance and Not Tolerance2 min read

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This is pulled form something larger that I am writing so it may seem a bit disjointed and a little out of context I have tried to clean it up so that the idea is preserved out of its original context. I know that you will see where this is coming from…

Tolerance is a problem that we have in our relations with others. Tolerance means ‘I believe that you are incorrect or mistaken in your beliefs, opinion, or way of life, but I am not going to make a big deal about it‘. You still believe that you are correct and/or that they are wrong. Tolerance is not enough as it divides us with invisible mental and emotional borders. This ‘Tolerance’ problem plagues humanity in issues of religion, sexual orientation, family orientation, politics, or whatever the family is going to eat Friday night.

Acceptance is what is needed. Your views, opinions, or way of life may be different than someone else’s and that is OK, and perhaps there is something that can be learned from that. A difference is only natural and inevitable as our live’s experiences are as varied as we are, but do not believe that because someone’s views are different from yours that they are necessarily wrong. Their views, especially when it comes to religion, may not be right for you, but it may be right for them. Everyone believes something different even if there is a lot of similarity in base beliefs. So, take the moment and revel in the differences you have with you fellow and accept it.

Revel in the differences that make each of us unique in perspective. Accept that we are different, but do not reduce yourself to toleration.

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