Get our of my life fascist! Yea!!! New fascist! Get our of my life fascist! Yea!!! New fascist!

Quick Comments on Biden’s Inauguration 20212 min read

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No Violence from MAGA Supporters

There was no violence from MAGA supporters which was a good thing.

Biden’s Inauguration Speech

Biden’s borderline-coherent acceptance speech was empty emotional manipulation, filled with empty platitudes (like Democrats in general), and was devoid of any policy talk at all.

It is sad that people are happy and satisfied, or even moved by this mockery of democracy.

If you were similarly disappointed and want to see some real policies, then here are mine: Interstellar New Deal. I also live stream politics a few times a week on Twitch.

Mostly Fascist War Criminals Present

How many war criminals can you fit into one gathering? Well, you can definitely fit more in – social distancing and all that. They all need to be in prison.

No matter which party (red fascist or blue fascist) is president the bombs will continue to fall, the coups will still happen, and the war on the 99% will be perpetuated while the brainwashed masses celebrate their oppressors. Stockholm Syndrome should not be political stance.

Do you want to know why this is then read my post: Lesser of Two-Evils Voting is Antithetical to Democracy.

My Inauguration

Here is how my inauguration would go:

  • The whole thing would be done in an open part of the White House (or outside) that would not interfere with its daily business and with just the people needed, so they can move on with their day to get shit done.
  • It would be live streamed through C-SPAN.
  • It would be done as early as possible so we can get to work.
  • All speeches would be translated into Esperanto first and then into as many languages as possible for the widest possible availability.
  • Sign-language interpreters would be available to translate live.
  • The 200 million that this waste of pomp-and-circumstance, which is used to brainwash the masses and for the self aggrandizement and celebration of the 1% owning the government again for 1 more term, would be given to local poverty non-profits.

Four half-an-hour long speeches would be given:

  1. Peter Joseph – to talk about the healthcare epidemic of inequality (from his work The New Human Rights Movement which is required reading for my policies)
  2. Bernie Sanders – speaking Bernie Sanders
  3. Rev. William Barber – speaking on racism and the work we have to do through Dr. Martin Luther King’s works and his Poor People’s Campaign.
  4. I – to speak on policies from my Interstellar New Deal and what I want to work towards in this first term.

Then we get to work, for there is much work to be done.

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