What is leap year?

New Page: Calendar Reform

In over a decade of me trying to figure out why our world is so messed up there have been quite a few ideas I have come up with or have discovered when thinking about how to make the world a simpler or better place, reform such as: time, metrics, language, culture, economy, and many others. However, here is one area of reform which you may have not ever considered, because it is such an integral part of our everyday life: Calendar Reform.

I had originally written about this topic for my micronational work (Republic of Talossa) in April of 2006, so this rewrite is a fairly significant expansion of my previous work, as well as being an attempt to put this idea before a much larger audience through my personal blog. My previous work was about 1,300 words and this one is approximately 13,000 words because, now, I am attempting to show you how and why and not just tell you, which I hope will be powerful!

Why do we need calendar reform you ask? Well, Hopefully, I can make that case here, so settle in for a ride that is going to ask you to think A LOT about our calendar, which we take for granted and give very little thought to about how we plan things and how it affects us in our daily lives.

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Sample Planogram

N2Go – Progress Report for Entering Week 3

This will be a summary of my progress entering week 3 following training: Rise of THE Machines! I just started to panic, because, yesterday, I learned that my machines arrived at the warehouse on Friday, but I thought I had arranged for them to arrive around April 20th or so, since that was just a bit more […]

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Looking for a Part-Time Certified Yoga Teacher for our Baraboo Classes

We are looking for a Certified Yoga Teacher to teach Tanya’s Baraboo classes for 2-4 months starting May – June’ish as she prepares to give birth to our daughter. If you know of someone who may be interested and potentially qualified, please let us know, or feel free send then over to us. We are […]

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First Weber Group Business Card

I know, I know. You all have been waiting with bated breath to see it. =) OK, so here’s my FWG business card. First Weber Group, Realtors James O’Neill Realtor Relocating? Buying? Selling? Email: ONeillJ@FirstWeber.com If you are looking for commercial or residential real estate in the Sauk County area such as Baraboo, Wisconsin Dells, […]

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Progress Towards Our Own Yoga Studio…

We have been quite busy here working towards setting up our own Yoga Studio. There is so much to do and so little time. The following is our progress report: Business name selected Its All about You Business Cards Ordered Domain Purchased and site being worked on: www.ItsAllAboutYou-Studio.com LLC’s arranged for. Hopefully, I will hear […]

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Yoga Studio Update

Obama GOOD! McCain BAD! If you care about civil rights here is another reason to “Vote for Obama“: Ultra-conservative Puritanical Religionist Republicans of Dooooom! Civil Rights has a history, (especially under Bush politics) of suffering and being violated horribly under a Republican regime – I am talking to you Patriot Act, to which the ACLU […]

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