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Have you ever had questions about Quantum Entaglement. Yea, me too! Dave Jarvis has written an introduction to Quantum Entaglement. Enjoy!! =)

Here is a list of translation services that you can find online. I have not tested them all yet, but here is a list. Some will only do passages of text others will translate on a page by page basis as well as text. Keep in mind all automated translation services are not even close to perfect,
so the translation will only be sort of accurate. Hopefully, it will be accurate enough so you can get a good idea of what is being said.

If anyone knows of the quality or would like to comment on these please do. I would like to add a link to my sites for a translation of the page as I have Belarussian and Russian in-laws and friends. If enough people test these out we can rate them.

Webpage Translations

Passages or Blocks of Text Only

Here are two other services but they do not contain Russian so they are of limited use to me. Maybe someone else will find it of use.

Directory of Translator Services

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