Sony Digital Rights Management Infringing of Fair Use2 min read

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An ArsTechnica article talks about Sony’s new Digital Rights Manangement which has been in the news a lot. Apart of this neat little infringment operation is the Sony Rootkit which lawsuits have followed. Here are few more articles regarding this fun via: System Internals The Register, Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Why does this really bother me. Well, infringing on my fair use of music that I have bought. If I buy something I have the right to use it as I see fit as long as I do make copies and sell it or give copies of it away. They are saying they I can only play the CD on devices that they deem worthy and safe. I cannot make a back up copy or rip it to MP3 and keep it on my computer to listen to. The other reason that this really bothers me is because this is found on Coldplay CD’s which is one of my wife’s favorite bands.

Here is a copy of DRM notice and Googled articles on Sony DRM. Read about it.

Thank you very much for purchasing this CD and helping the cause of “Anti-Piracy.” The recordings in this CD have an anti-copying function. They cannot be copied into a PC. In order for you to enjoy high quality music, we have added this special technology.

  • Some CD players that have the capability of burning into an MP3 (such as portable players or car stereos).
  • Some CD players that possess CD-R/RW functions (such as portable players or car stereos).
  • Some car stereos with satellite “Guidance” systems
  • Some CD players or car stereos with hard disk recording capacity
  • Some CD-R/RW Recorders used for music
  • Some portable CD players
  • Some DVD players
  • Some CD/LD Convertible Players
  • Some Game Players
  • Although you can use your PC’s Windows program to listen to certain tracks, this does not mean that the CD can be played in all PCs.
  • The first time that this program is used (in Windows automatic starter software) it gets registered in Windows File. Thus, programs already registered to not affect Windows operations.
  • Windows OS also uses the latest files.
  • This CD does not support Macintosh PC software.
  • Except for manufacturing problems, we do not accept product exchange, return, or refund.

Fortunately, it appears that the EFF has written a letter to them and Sony has responded. It appears that they will allow you to exchange the CD at the place where you bought it for a non-copy protected CD as well as a giving you a few other options such as patching or removing the rootkit. Know what your options are.

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