Facebook for Scientists gets Millions in Funding1 min read

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In 2008 I listed some Notes to the Obama Administration and in part of that was having research between different organizations or researchers being more publicly and/or centrally located so that work is not repeated and researchers can more closely work together and share insights to allow more rapid scientific advancement. This Facebook for scientists gets millions in funding is a huge stepping stone towards that goal. Very good to hear.

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1 thought on “Facebook for Scientists gets Millions in Funding

  1. Greetings,

    I think we cooperatively explore space. It could result in lower costs and faster development time. For example, getting Japan and India, and the Europeans on our next spaceship. Then other countries would be like why don’t we have the technology? We could put in the license agreement they are not allowed to share the technology with anyone outside of the group. That way technology wouldn’t get transfered out to unfriendly countries.

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