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Basic Review

We bought a Canon Powershot SX100 IS prior to our trip to Cancun along with some Energizer rechargeable batteries and a 2 GB memory card.

We used this camera extensively through the trip and it performed well for us. I had it set to take pictures at 1600×1200 resolution and I did not adjust the video settings much to my chagrin. =(

We tool 1.12 GB in pictures and videos. The videos were way too small, almost unusable, but that is my fault for not checking the setting for that. I was not expecting to use the function too much and then Tanya started to use it quite a bit. I did not think of checking the settings for it until we returned home, and then it was like ‘Crap!’.

It was easy to take pictures, zoom, and adjust the settings. The camera worked really well for us. Night pictures, as usual, are not so easy to take without blurring the crap out of it, but we managed to get some decent pictures with a little adjusting. I really need to learn more about how to take better night pictures.

As a side note the Rechargeable Energized Batteries that we bought lasted 4 or 5 days with continuous picture and video taking and viewing. That worked well for us.


My first complaint is the screen is really hard to see in sunlight. Being that we were in the Carribean that was quite annoying for some of the time. Other than that it has been a great camera.

One last thing, and this has proven to be quite an inconvenience at least for our situation, for others this may not matter at all. Once you delete pictures from the memory card while in the camera you are not able to put them back on it. If I had a SD card reader or something like that it might not be such an annoyance, but we do not and burning CD’s is not so easy at this time. Transporting the camera is the easiest solution for showing people pictures until we get them posted. Once we get a new computer or get my burner up and running this should not be an issue.


Overall I would give the camera a really solid 4 of 5. It was comfortable to hold and light weight. It is easy to use works well.

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