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I had only heard really good things about “Taken” starring Liam Neeson from friends and family since it came out and I finally took the moment to go see it.

My synopsis of the movie is:

Bryan (Liam Neeson) retired from his special forces position with the US government to spend more time with his 17 year old daughter, who lives with his ex-wife and her new rich husband. While the daughter is on a trip to to Paris, France she is abducted and the movie is set around his action packed and slightly vindictive hunt to return her to safety.

Liam’s calm, cool, and matter-of-fact demeanor makes him a great fit for this part. He has the dad look, as well as the cool to show himself as a professional soldier. His teary moments are a testament to his acting ability, the choreography and filming for the fight scenes was very well done. Most of the filming for the Bourne movies’ made me cranky. This was a bit better done and easier to see and appreciate who was getting their ass kicked and how.

All in all, I liked. Well worth the money.

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