Google Celebrates Dr. Zamenhof’s Birthday with a Logo Doodle!1 min read

Esperanto Globalization Holiday
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Google is, thankfully,  celebrating Dr. L.L. Zamenhof’s birthday today with a Doodle, since it is Zamenhof Day. Right about now you are probably wondering who this Dr. Zamenhof is that Google would take the time to recognize him? There was a lot of speculation within the Esperanto community as to whether or not Google would do recognize him or not, but it looks like Google heard our call and the importance of Esperanto to the world

Google's Zamenhoff Day Doodle

Dr. Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof
Dr. Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof

In case you do not know who Dr. Zamenhof is, he was a Polish Jew born in Byaliastock Poland during Russia’s occupation. He, throughout a decade or so, created the constructed language Esperanto to be the worlds primary secondary-language to facilitate communication between the disparate languages. I write at length about Esperanto and his wonderful and easy to learn language in my Esperanto pages here at Arion’s Home..

What does a green flag have to do with Zamenhof or Esperanto, well a green flag with a white star, or a green star are the symbols of the Esperanto movement.

More Coverage on National Geographic News and CBS News via the Associated Press.

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