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I can say that I am really happy at the results for the 2012 Presidential Election. I was very worried about this election. I stayed up late into the night watching the results as they were slowly tallied. My stomach was upset when I saw that Romney had the lead like 23 to 8 electoral votes.  I greatly feared the possibility of Romney winning and imposing more Republican foolery upon us to turn back all of the progress we have made and drive us right back into the ground where Bush put us, order but that is neither here nor there at this moment.

Firsts for Elected Officials

President Obama won and was the first black president elected, and the first to be reelected with back-to-back terms. This alone is a wonderful, historic, and powerful fact that is more than worthy of praise for our country, but there were even more electoral events that happened that made this election even more historic than Obama’s relection. What will  follow is a wonderful sample of firsts and this is just the beginning, which all bodes well for the United States and its future. We are supposedly a melting pot of the world and it is about time our governmental representative show that. All American citizens are not all white conservative Christian males.

  • Tammy Baldwin was elected as the first openly gay senator for Wisconsin
  • two Hindu congresspeople
  • Buddhist Representative
  • openly non-theist
  • 4 new openly LGBT people
  • bisexual and polyamorous person
  • openly gay congressman of color
  • First state to elect an all-woman House and Senate delegation and governor: New Hampshire
INFOGRAPHIC: The 113th Congress Will Be The Most Diverse In History
INFOGRAPHIC: The 113th Congress Will Be The Most Diverse In History (Think Progress)

Firsts for Social Issues

This is was also a first for a few social issues too. These show a significant shift in the cultural values and acceptance of mainstream Americans and it is a wonderful.

  • 2 states voted on an accepted gay marriage
  • 1 state denied a ban on gay marriage
  • 2 states OK’ed medical marijuana
  • 1 state legalized marijuana

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