Primary Election Today in Wisconsin! (Tue, 9 Aug 2016)2 min read

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1960 to 2010 Eelection Turnout: USA,   Japan,   India, UK, Australia, Gernmany
1960 to 2010 Eelection Turnout: USA, Japan, India, UK, Australia, Gernmany

Note: In some ways, you can see this as a supplemental post to my previous post about the problems inherent with America’s two party system. This topic will be added to a part of that series of posts.

In case you did not know, and I bet that most people in Wiscosnin do not, there is a primary election today (Tue, 9 Aug 2016) in Wisconsin!!

One of the many, many big problems with this country is that I had to find out from an activist website’s email that there was an election today in Wisconsin. When elections happen it needs to be all over the TV, radio, newspapers, and all government buildings and information outlets so that every American knows and as many people as possible vote because voting is one of the few voices we the people have in our government.

The suppression of this information from the public is a method of suppressing the voice of the American people, to control how and who we vote for, who votes, is inherently undemocratic, and it needs to stop. The Wisconsin Secretary of State needs to get the word out loud and clear that an election is near and who and what is on the ballot so the populace can get involved and have their voices heard.

Suppression of American votes really grinds my gears.

If you have questions about registration, polling places, or what is on your ballot check out MyVote.Wisconsin and then go VOTE!!!

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