Money Creation Process and the Federal Reserve

Money Creation Process and the Federal Reserve1 min read

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Note: I think I have this correct now:

Infographic for the Federal Reserve Money Creation Process

Here is an infographic I created to show how the money creation cycle creates a many of the problems plaguing humanity today. We need to break free from this vicious and destructive economic cycle.

Money Creation Process and the Federal Reserve
Money Creation Process and the Federal Reserve

Text of the Infographic of the Federal Reserve Money Creation Process

Federal Government… issues Treasury Bonds (lets say for an interest rate of 0.25%) to the Federal Reserve to print $100,000$100,250
Federal Reserve… prints money$100,000
Federal Reserve… loans money to banks with interest$100,250
BanksBanks create loans based on the $100,000 accepted from the Federal Reserve using Fractional Reserve Lending which means: for every $100,000 they accept from the Federal Reserve they can create loans whose value is equal to 10 x its value – $1,000,000 at interest – lets say 7%$1,070,000

As the example above shows: for every $100,000 printed by Federal Reserve and then loaned out using Fractional Reserve Lending that amount that is owed by the government, businesses, and the people to repay those loans and the printing of money is $1,070,000.

There is never enough money to pay back the money created by the Federal Reserve even from the first interest bearing step which is further magnified by Fractional Reserve Lending, which creates an endless destructive cycle:

  1. printing money = 10x debt
  2. loss, recession, depression, unemployment, poverty, bankruptcy, foreclosure, inflation, war
  3. bankers get rich of the interest
  4. repeat

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For more information on how we can correct this see my two posts here:

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