Eberron - Karrnathi troops with black Karrnathi banner vs Cyran troops with green Cyran banners.

New Eberron Campaign – Secrets in Eberron?

Once I had originally purchased the DnD Beyond version of the Eberron book I created a character or two and the single character I kept from that small amount of playing is the one that I am using for this campaign. I am going to be playing a House Deneith Dragonmarked Human Male Fighter. This is a smidge significant, because I NEVER play humans. Yes, I am that guy. Oooh, I did play a human female in our first FFG Star Wars game a several years ago though! Here, I was specifically looking to play a soldiery dragonmarked race.

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Eberron - Huge battle scene on a lightning rail with a Talenta halfling riding a pterasaur, a 2-weapon wielding Warforged soldier, and a goblin artificer being assaulted by at least 4 darkly clad assailants.

The Fate of Eberron 5E

In this post I will attempt to provide a way to use Fate Core’s amazing storytelling tools to help drive and maintain the game forward and to increase the depth of storytelling. There are some differences in the way characters are created from the standard setting so I will go over how to pull that all together into one integrated process so that everyone wins, even the DM.

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