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My wife and some friends had to work pretty much all day. Not Cool! Bunch of Slave Drivers! I arrived at about 10:30 or so to help my mother out if I could and to spend time with the family. The rest of our family arrived a little after noon as well as a few other mutual friends arrived at about 12:20 or so. We ate pretty much as soon as everyone was in place.

Mom made turkey, yams, corn, dressing, gravy, and a whole lot of other stuff. She had 3 pies ready: apple, a chocolate mousse, and pumpkin. A Banana Creme pie was brought as well. It was wonderful. It is a good thing that moms know how to cook or I think civilization as we know it might end!

We played a lot of Ping Pong I won almost every game that I played. Dad is my toughest challenge. We usually have to play 3 games to see who is the winner of the set. We watched just a little bit of football as the Packers were not playng and have absolutely no hope for this season. Gaaaahhhhhhh!!! We spent sometime watching a dog show… very exciting…. Oi!!

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