USCIS and Christmas Shopping2 min read

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Monday was a really busy day for my wife (Tanya) and Katia and I. We made our way from the Baraboo area to the Milwaukee USCIS (referred to as throughout and formerly know as INS) service center to get Tanya’s Biometrics (fingerprints) as a part of the immigration process.

We woke up at 05:00 and left a little after 06:00 for our 09:00 appointment for her to have her fingerprints taken. We got to the Milwukee area right in time for Monday morning rush hour. That was really cool! Not! We arrived at INS at about 08:40 with plenty of time to spare. We got there and were seen bascially immediately. In the ensuing mahem we were told that the her dirvers license was not valid as ID for the process because it has her maiden name on it the and the INS paperwork has her married name on it. So for the next 2 hours we go to kinko and have our marriage certificate faxed to us and then we were able to continue with the process. We were also able to get her Work Authorization stuff validated and should receive that in the next month or so. Yea! Nerve wracking as hell, but we are glad that is over.

Christmas Shopping

Following that stressful event we had the overwhelming desire to have a drink. Since that wasn’t a real option the next best thing was to go Chrismas shopping at Johsen Creek Outlet Mall near Milwaukee. We arrived there at about 12:30 and stayed there until about 18:00 or so. Not having enough of shopping we stop in East Town Mall in Madison. When all was said done with 3/4 of a tank down we arrived at home at about 20:30 and a whole buch of Christmas presents. What is Christmas about anyhow?

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