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So, for my birthday I have somehow convinced my wife to get me a Barnes and Nobles gift certificate so I can purchase a college text book on Constitutional Law - Constitutional Law: Principles And Policies (~ 1300 pages) and I have also somehow convinced her to let me take vacation next week so I can spend a significant amount of time to read it.  I am hoping to finish it during this next week off, but we shall see how that goes. I hope my brain can handle it. If I seem like a zombie the next time you see me, this might be why! =)

Constitutional Law: Principles And Policies by Erwin Chemerinsky
Constitutional Law: Principles And Policies by Erwin Chemerinsky

I really would like to go back to school for a degree in law specializing in Constitutional Law and Civil Rights and this sort of reading and other reading that I have done is, perhaps, a stepping stone towards that dream.

Books I Have Already Read Toward This End

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