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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! In America this is perhaps the biggest holiday of the year where we spend a lot of money on presents and traveling. We will be spending Christmas with my family as will some of my friends. My mother will cook a wonderful meal and my sister’s family will be there for a little bit as well! All in all there will be about 13 people present for food, more about football, and presents… and maybe some Axis and Allies. Probably not, but we can hope! =)

Christmas (December 25) is Belarus is not as big as it is here. Today they may get togther with family to eat and visit, but that is about it. Russian Orthodox celebrates Christmas on January 7th, which is still not as big a holiday as New Years!. New Years for them is the big Holiday full of drinking, presents, food, and parties. This is THE holiday for them that is a big as Christmas is for us Americans.

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