Waking up the World2 min read

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At this time in my life I was working full time at Sitel Technologies in Madison, Wisconsin and going to School full time at the Herzing College of Technology, also in Madison. I think I was listening to Bob an Tom in the Morning on 101.5 and was just driving into the parking lot at work. They said that a jet had just hit one of the Towers I though that was horrible and very odd. How could a plane just hit a building in the middle of a large city like that? Were the control towers sleeping? I seriously doubted that. Someone would have had to notice this in progress. When I heard that another one was on the I thought that this had to be a terrorist act.

Amidst the tense and disturbed silence and empty cubicles were many people staring with horror on there faces and mouths agape watching the big screen TV’s with the progressing terrorist act on CNN. I could not stop watching just like everyone else. I was horrified and hurt. How could someone do this. I am a Navy veteran of the Gulf War who participated in Desert Shield. I could not believe it. The US has striven to to do so much good in the world. Albeit not always in the best way possible or even with the best motives, but we are the police of the world. How could this happen to us?

Sitel offered us a chance to go home for the day at about 11:00am or so and I took it. My stomach was upset and I was an emotional wreck. I was hurt that someone could lash out at the USA like this; that some how, some where, someone justified the death of so many innocent people. Who could strike at my beloved America and how could they amuse me with their justification of so much blind hatred and irrationality.

I was lucky that no one I knew was directly affected by this tragedy, but I do hope that the ones truly responsible for this horror on American soil are found and punished. Not only Americans were effected that day. The world was affected as there were people of every nationality in the two towers. If these monsters can successfully strike at the most powerful nation in the world then no one was safe.

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